MyPhD thesis about e-Training model to achieve meaningful learning.  If you download or read the thesis online,  I would appreciate if you could comment or suggest as to which part can be improved for future research  particularly in terms of Rasch and SEM application which is my current interest in research.

1.  CV Ringkas 28 Dec 2011 for Research Collaboration with Dr. Farez UIAM-Qatar
2. CV for external examiner UTeM – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sazilah Salam for Liew Tze Wei
3. CV for external examiner Curtin University, Australia – Prof. Dr. Rob Cavanagh for Supervisor @ University Contact:Rob Cavanagh (PhD), Professor of Well-being Metrics
Director, Research and Development, School of Education, Curtin University of Technology
GPOBoxU1987, Perth,WA6845AUSTRALIA, Tel 61 8 9266 2162  Fax 61 89266 2547
Curtin University October 2011 – Self-regulated Learning in an E-learning Environment in a Malaysian University
4. Rosseni Din CV UIAM 10.3.12 CV for external examiner UIAM – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tunku Badariah Tunku Ahmad
5. Rosseni Din CV 2015 for external examiner PhD student IT Department UNITEN – Assoc. Prof Dr Marini Othman
6. Rosseni Din CV 2016 for external examiner UMP, USIM dan UTM – Assoc. Prof Dr Jamaludin Harun


2 Responses to MyPhD

  1. elizabeth says:

    hi pn!saya student puan tuk subjek latihan ilmiah..saya ada send email dengan puan sblm ni..nak tanya pasal perjumpaan tu LI tu..klu esok blh tak?

  2. Cikgu says:

    Dear Elizabeth,

    I was on duty outside UKM yesterday at Kolej Komuniti HS when your email arrived and today till Sunday I will be at Kolej Yayasan AG. Have several appointments on Monday but should be able to see all of you on Tuesday at 4:30 or 5pm. Have everybody read the thesis?

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