Week 1: (i) Course Proforma, (ii) Rubric for Individual Projects, (iii) Rubric for Group Project Presentation, (iv) Various Categories of Video Clip Samples – ideas for your own group  project (Video Production), (v) Video Production Module and Blogs, (vi) FB, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, PowerPoint (vii)  Comments of introduction video by Dr Rosseni (viii) example videos – past years GE2153’s students generated contetnt

Week 2: (i) Web 2.0 –  Questionaire , (ii) Various Categories of Video Clip Samples – ideas for your own group  project (Video Production), (iii) FB Video Production 3, (iv) Creating groups of 4  – FB Groups, (v) Brainstorming of ideas to come out with Video title in group of 4, (vi) Uploading introduction video on YouTube,

Week 3:  i.    various categories of video : narration and documentary videos, iii. Creating  video proposal – to be presented on week 4,

Week 4: Video Proposal &  Design – Story boarding, (i) In group of 4, students started creating their storyboard based on their discussion on video proposal, (ii) Presenting storyboard by each group

Week 5: Submission of video proposal on FB Video Production 3 group

Week 6: Field work – Photography

Week of Mid Semester Break : Discussion on Twitter via #ge2153 or Video Production 4 Facebook Group about integrating technology in the classroom

Week 7: Tutorial – Editing picture using Adobe Photoshop

Week 8: Tutorial – Editing videos using Windows Live Movie Maker

Week 9: Presentation of storyboards;  Linking individual and group blog into

Week 10: (i) Midterm assessment – presenting video production progress. Marks will be given based on video presentation and individual partipation, (ii) Group blog progress, (iii) Questionnaire on acceptance of I-MeT and Meaningful Learning

Week 11: Poster Creation Tutorial – Creating posters using Adobe Photoshop and Powerpoint

Week 12: Briefing by Dr Rosseni regarding reflections, 1 minutes pitch, vlog etc. Video presentation will be held on week 13 whereas 1 minute pitch will be held on week 14

Week 13: Edu Technovation Day – presenting group videos and posters

Week 14: REflection and Evaluation – Presenting 1 minute pitch for each student


Week 1: (i) Course Proforma, (ii) Rubric for Individual Projects, (iii) Rubric for Group Project Presentation and (iv) Various Categories of Video Clip Samples – ideas for your own group  project (Video Production) (iv) FB Group: Video Production 2 (v) Video Production Module and Blogs.

Week 2. (i) Pre-production activities I for group project

– FB group and WordPress links among students, lecturers and facilitators
– video samples – narration and poems
– pre-production discussion

Week 3 GE2153: Another Category
Week 3 GE2153: Poems & Narration Videos and Pre-Production Activities
(i) Pre-production activities II for group project
– FB group and WP group
– video samples –
– pre-production activities

  • title, theme and proposal
  • story board & scripting

Week 4 GE2153: Readiness for Ubiquitous-HML2

10.00-10.30am: Photography Technique
10.30-11.00am: TESL Yr 2 Students Readiness towards Hybrid Meaningful Learning 2.0
11.00-11.30pm: Break for “Kopi & Nasi Lemak plus Karipap Kak Anna”
11.30-11.45pm: Sharing Samples of Reflections as Required by the Course
11.45-12.45pm: Optimizing Blogs & FB Group in Completing the Course Task

Week 5a: Extra Reflection
Week 5b: Self-Introductory Video Sample1
Week 5c: Self-Introductory Video Sample2
Week 5d: Self-Introductory Video Sample3
Week 5d: Self-Introductory Video Sample4

Week 6: Graphics and Media
Notes for CASPER metod:
Nota 1
2. Nota 2

Week 7-8-9: Media Integration

Week 10: Group Project Pre-Presentation Day

Below are links to the group blogs where students do reflections about the processes they experienced in completing their Video Production Project for Educational Technology class.  The students are Year 2 Students from TESL program.

Semester II Session 2012/2013 – Problem-Oriented Project Based Hybrid e-Learning – Project Outcome for EduTechnovation Day :
1. Shafasafiratin Production – – GE2153 Shafasafiratin
2. KitaKita Productions –         – Kitakita Productions
3. ChaCha Creations  –  – ChaCha Creations
4. Futurama Films –           – Edu Tech TESL
5. MeranMuvies –       – Edu Tech UKM TESL 2012/201 3
6. Last Minute Productions –                                                               – Last Minute Productions


Semester I Session 2012/2013 – Problem-Oriented Project Based Hybrid e-Learning with a Field Trip for Photo shoot and Video shoot sessions in Putrajaya :
1. Group Aqila –
2. Group Pei Si –
3. Group Rozaidah –
4. Group Farhana –


OLD course outline and notes for GE2153 Sem II Session 2011/2012

Week 1: Course Preview, Sample Individual and Group Projects – Rosseni & Q&A
Week 3: Response to Your Week 1 & Week 2 Activities
Week 4: Instructional Design Model – Hazrati
Week 5: User Need Analysis – Hazrati

OLD course outline and notes for GE2153 Sem II Session 2009/2010

Week 1: Online Q&A about course outline (Online-RD; F2F- MK)

Week 2: Tutorial Registration, course introduction and online discussion (RD)

Week 3: Systematic Planning of Media: ASSURE Model (MK)
Notes by Major Jasmy Abd Rahman

Week 4: Web Technology in Education (RD)

Week 5:  Instructional Media Design and Development (MD) – Notes by Major Jasmy

Week 6:  Photography as a visual element (RD)

Week 7:  Information Skills (AAK)

Week 8: Video  (RD)

Week 9: Photo Editing for  (RD)

Week 10: Sound in Multimedia Presentation (MYD)

Week 11: Media Integration

Week 12: Group Presentation 

Week 13: Group Presentation

Week 14:  Group Presentation by Dr.R’s Tutorial Groups & Exam Revision (Q#1 & Q#2)

Samples of Past Years Exam Questions:


OLD course outline and notes for GE2153 Sem II Session 2009/2010
Course Outline

prepared by Rosseni Din
Tutorial Groups
Latest as of 15.1.10 list of tutorial group posted by Rosseni Din
Lecture Notes
Lecture Week #1: (Friday) 25.12.2009 Initial briefing and overview – Rosseni Din
Lecture Week#2: (Friday) 01.01.2010 Information about Group Project – Rosseni Din
Lecture Week#3: (Friday) 08.01.2010 Sample presentation for the Group Project is too big to attach here, please come to class to see the sample video presentations.
Lecture Week#4: (Friday) 08.01.2010 Sample presentation for the Group Project is too big to attach here, please come to class to see more sample video presentations.  Information about individual project 1 and 2 will be discuss in this lecture.
Lecture Week#5: (Friday) lecture notes for this session prepared by Major Jasmy
Lecture Week#6: (Friday) lecture notes for this session prepared by Major Jasmy
Lecture Week#7: (Friday) lecture notes for this session prepared by Major Jasmy
Lecture Week#8: (Friday) lecture notes for this session prepared by Major Jasmy
Lecture Week#9: (Friday) lecture notes for this session prepared by Cik Aidah
Lecture Week#10: (Friday) lecture notes for this session prepared by Dr. Arbaat
Lecture Week#11: (Friday) lecture notes for this session prepared by Dr. Arbaat
Lecture Week#12: (Friday) lecture notes for this session prepared by Dr. Arbaat
Lecture Week#13: (Friday) lecture notes for this session by Rosseni Din

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      keduanya, pd hemat saya elok jika dilangsaikan tugasan multimedia presentation secara kumpulan itu segera, seboleh2nya masa midsemester break akan datang kerana tugasan individu lambat sikit tak ape tapi berkumpulan di saat2 akhir nnt susah nak dapat masa pertemuan yg sesuai untuk semua.

      Apapun tahniah atau usaha memulakan tugasan individu 1. Semoga berjaya memperoleh dan mengaplikasikan ilmu yg bermanfaat. 🙂

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    there are other ways to keep archived of pictures (flicker, photopages and the like) …

    you may want to just create a link here to direct your readers to your archived media elsewhere on the web.

    let me know how u do it in your reflection posting …sure would like to know how u solve it!

    good work dear, all d best in ur future exploration 🙂

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    kne antar proposal b4 cuti rye cina kn??
    just for the confirmation!;)

  18. Cikgu says:

    afiqah: good start, keep up the good work!
    EAST: good start, great structuring of PAGES, LINKS and WIDGETS…way to go!
    ajis85: great reflection! keep on writing and reflecting…the ideas will come once your fingers start working on the keyboard…
    Anies: your theme confused me in search for pages and postings categories but at last i found it…if u have time maybe u want to explore a simpler neat theme?

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  23. Cikgu says:

    yang mana satu ajiera nak highlight, the main picture or the background. Blur kan yang lain highlight what u want the audience to focus on. Cosmetic-wise and Structure-wise dah ada kemajuan, keep up the good work. Content-wise boleh ditingkatkan lagi. All the best!

  24. rossnany says:

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  25. Cikgu says:

    Maaf sangat2 nany terlepas pandang pertanyaan nani tu. Nani buat posting refleksi macam biasa kemudian klik insert media. Jika format fail photoshop tiada dalam senarai bermakna fail tersebut tak diterima oleh wordpress. Jika demikian nani perlu save semula fail photoshop tadi dalam format yang diterma oleh wordpress misalnya .jpeg dan insert image.

  26. rossnany says:

    ok!..terima kasih ye Dr…:))..saya dah siapkan tugasan kulit buku tersebut…harap Dr dapat memberikan pandangan supaya saya dapat memperbaiki hasil kerja saya itu.

  27. xneoragex says:

    Dr. Maaf sebab lambat… Saya Elvent-A127989… Ini REFLEKSI saya…
    Boleh pilih antara poster @ Kulit buku kan Dr. ? So sya pilih Poster… 🙂 Hope Dr. Accept…

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    Dr..saya Rosnani osman..A 128571..kelas tutorial hari jumaat pukul 10 am..ini link wordpress saya..

  30. Cikgu says:

    Nani, blog to ok, so far so good but still much can be done to make it more interesting. Kulit buku tu kene soften the edges dan jadikan kota2 putih tu transparent! All d best!

    • rossnany says:

      ok..tq Dr..i will try…
      saya nak tanye..nanti finak exam bentuk soalan macam mane ye..struktur??MCQ??esei??…

  31. ajiera says:

    salam Dr….ni link saya
    Dr. saya dari group afiqah hamzah..mengenai, video tu perlu ke setiap org link kan kpd dr..atau hanya di hantar oleh wakil dari ketua kami sahaja…
    saya dah siapkan 10 refleksi…dan dr. saya brharap agar kelas tutorial kami dapat markah yg bagus terutama assgmnt…hehehe…..halalkan ilmu yg dr. berikan kpd kami…dan maafkan kami yg pernah melakukan kesilpan…

  32. Elvent says:

    Dr., Mungkin terlalu lewat untuk sya minta Dr. untuk lawat laman WordPress saya, emm… kalau Dr. mempunyai masa terluang, ini link wordpress saya (Beberapa penambahan telah saya lakukan dalam wordpress saya n saya telah siapkan semua yang Dr. Suruh)
    Jika ada yan tertinggal mohon Dr. inform… 🙂 TQ Dr.

  33. ajiera says:

    salam dr…ni link video … utk video kumpulan..di wordpress pun ada saya letakkan di video projek berkumpulan di sebelah kanan…mohon dr cek wordpress saya..sama ada sudah ada peningkatan atau tidak.dan ini merupakan link wrdpress saya
    …terima kasih….

  34. rossnany says:

    Dr..saya sama group dengan ajiera..ini link video kami…

  35. Dr.. Ini video group kami.

    mohon dr cek. Terima kasih.

  36. ubidena says:

    Salam dr… i have the video link. they can watch it from youtube.. hope this will help to generate good ideas when making a video.. Fighting! 🙂

  37. Cikgu says:

    tq dear, i really enjoyed it 🙂

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