GE2153 Week 1

Dear all,

I only managed to upload the reflection notes on ifolio last week.  Haven’t been able to upload the pro-forma to ifolio this morning, thus please refer in this blog or the class FB group for a copy of the proforma for your reference.
PROFORMA GE2153 Set 2 Sem 1 20142015 updated 9.19.2014

Next, as we mentioned in the F2F meeting, 40% of your carry marks will be assess from the various tasks reflected in your weekly reflection and participation, thus please  study the reflection assessment rubric to plan and strategise your completion of individual task and the CMC rubric for online participation; besides your F2F attendance and participation.

To start thinking about your term project , please start viewing the various categories of  videos productions. We will talk more about the (i) Video Clip Samples – ideas for your own group  project (Video Production), (ii) Video Production Module and Blogs, (iii) FB, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, PowerPoint in week 2.

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