How to Write Your Problem Statement

This post was posted in 2012. As I read a few problem statements this weekend, I realized many have not read the post or did not understand yet when they read it in 2012. I am reblogging it again for your revision. For the new students Rania, Fuad and Rooziah please take note. For others who had just submitted your early or ready-for-submission proposal, please review it to really know the core business of doing your studies so you will be able to answer confidently durin the defense of your proposal – wani, azwan, intan, aliza, rosnah and others if it applies.

My Supervision Group

Dear all,

Most of you who have taken the GE6663 Computer Aided Learning or GE6353 Foundation of Computer Education knows that one way I have been sharing with you on how to write a problem statement has always been using the SWOT analysis approach, and that’s how I presented my problem in my PhD thesis.

For those who are not confortable with that style, here’s another alternative way to write your problem statement. There is a template provided at but I will cut and paste some of the important stuffs there for a matter of discussion here. Please go back to the original link if you need to download this stuff, the one i copy paste here may not be complete.

Brainstorming and coming up with ideas is stimulating and satisfying. The satisfaction comes from finding good workable solutions to problems. Therefore defining the problem clearly upfront can be…

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