Rasch-Made-Easy Program: Starting from the Basics of Measurement to Advance Issues in Rasch Measurement

Rasch-Made-Easy with Prof Bond at UKM

Day 1 (15.2.13) sessions are about the fundamentals of measurement focusing on Human Sciences because much is to be gained by learning how to work incrementally to achieve high standard of measurement. Shortcomings of classical theories will be discussed and important principles of measurement will be introduced followed by the Basic Principles of Rasch Model.

Day 2 (18.2.13) will introduce the simplest model in Rasch measurement, the dichotomous model in order to explain how to build a set of items for measurement.  The idea of measuring one single construct at a time will be raised. The next session  will discuss about Invariance, a crucial property of scientific measurement.

Day 3 (19.2.13) will extend principles introduced in the previous session to polytomous data.  The session will elaborate on the use of Likert scales, one form of polytomous data that has been around for a long time to collect attitude data.  The Partial Credit Model which incorporates the possibility of having differing number of response opportunities for different items on the same test will next be introduced

Day 4 (20.2.13) will first discuss about rating scale design because as it  is commonly regards, the way each rating scale is constructed has a great influence on the quality of data obtained from the scale.  Next, the most contentious issue in Rasch measurement circles  that is the Fit analysis followed by the concept of unidimensionality which reflects the Rasch model’s focus on the process of fundamental measurement will be discussed.

Day 5 (21.2.13) will focus on reporting Rasch analysis for journal and post-graduate thesis.

Day 6 (22.2.13) will focus on Advance problems and issues in Rasch measurement in practice.

Buku Program Rasch 2013 edited rosseni 2 terkini 8.2.13

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