Week 10: Educational Technology

I will be leaving Jordan today and come back on the 28th, in sya Allah.  This week Pn Hazrati and your mentors@facilitators will be there to see you present your first draft of your hard work and will make comments plus facilitate the rest of the session so you can make improvement to your hard work.

Please do not hesitate to present whatever you’ve got so far. Sometimes we think we have done the best and have poured all the energy and sweat into something and that’t it! However, you are given a chance to present at least once before the final presentation. This process of learning is not merely for your 30% carry marks but it is a learning journey for your future – a life long learning experience where you will surely be a great teacher if you can plan or spontaneously capture good moments to be use as your induction set in class or otherwise using video clips (edited or otherwise).

Please pay attention when your friends present. Make constructive comments. Hopefully others will do the same unto you. Presenting in front of the class does not bear the same effect on the audience as you present them individually at your desktop. Thus, please take this opportunity to present your best draft. Jot down all the comments not only from others but also from your own reflection while you watch your own work with others.

All the best 🙂

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2 Responses to Week 10: Educational Technology

  1. ongjeeteng says:

    Dr Rosseni, could you add me into your blog? I found that I’m not in the GE2153 Edu Tech list. Thank you Dr. 🙂

  2. Cikgu UmmI says:

    You have been added, tx jeeteng

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