Week 7-8-9: GE2153 Educational Technology

Today all your tutor/facilitators En M Helmi Norman, Pn Hazrati Husnin, Pn Analisa Hamdan, Pn Siti Zuraida Abdul Manaf and 2 new facilitators (Cik Nor Syazwani Mat Salleh and En Azwan) will be with you and your classmates to learn together from each other and help tie-up all loose ends in regards to your (i) group video, (ii) group blog (iii) individual reflection including producing and uploading videos for your vlog and group videos.

In addition, i would like all of you to brainstorm to organize a memorable innovative and creative final presentation day. Pn Hazrati will coordinate, please give your most critial innovative suggestion to her. I would like to compile all our pictures and video clip for our own presentation to you from us, the tutors and facilitators.  Mr Helmi (media) and Faisal (presentation) will coordinate our side’s presentation, so pls give Mr Helmi any media graphics, audio, video anything relevant so the presentation wont be only from you to us but vice-versa.

TQ for all your cooperation students, tutors and facilitators to make this course one that i always look forward to.  Enjoy, may Allah bless us and give us as much knowledge and skill or for dunia and akhirah.  Maat Taufik wannajah, robbana atina fiddunia hasanah wafilakhirati hasanah waqina ‘azabannar.

p/s You can combine your week 7-8-9 reflection.  This week is week 8.  Last week was week 7 (Raya Haji) and next week week 9 (semester break – i promised you wont have to attend class on the 9th so you can go home early but you still need to write this reflection ok?  As i have mention to some in the FB video production group, it would be nice though not compulsory to see what you do over this past 3 weeks or just listen to your stories and thought in a form of a vlog 🙂

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