Week 4 GE2153: Readiness for Ubiquitous-HML2 Applications.

My dear beloved students, colleague and facilitators of the course,

As some of you may have been informed, I am still in Kedah for NCER Program till Saturday evening.  Thus, I won’t be able to be with you tomorrow.  However, I have set up yet another exhausting (but enjoyable, I hope) series of activities to hopefully bring out as much innovation, creativity and the potentials in you.  I hope we can start on time at 10am so we can adjourn a little earlier than 1pm so the guys can freshen up before Jumuah prayer.  Tentative program for tomorrow:

10.00-10.30am: Photography Technique – A Sharing of Experience Session with Faisal
10.30-11.00am: TESL Yr 2 Students Readiness towards Hybrid Meaningful Learning 2.0
11.00-11.30pm: Break for “Kopi & Nasi Lemak plus Karipap Kak Anna”
11.30-11.45pm: Pn. Hazrati – Sharing Samples of Reflections as Required by the Course
11.45-12.45pm: Optimizing Blogs & FB Group for Communication in Completing the
Course Task – En. Helmi with Pn. Hazrati and Kak Anna

I have browsed, reviewed and graded 20/32 blog reflections as of tonight.  The results are from 0% – 75% for Reflection 1 and 2.  Only one out of the many reflections I reviewed manage to score above 80%.  At least 5 persons got 0% + 0% + 0% for their first 3 reflections.  I just do not want you to regret at the end of the semester for not doing the work you could have scored full marks.  Look at the reflections done by last semester’s students and requirements required for a reflection in my Week 3 postings last semester about doing the right reflection.  Pn Hazrati will talk about this tomorrow.  Suffice to say that GE2153 is far from equivalent to the GE1155 reflections whereby for GE2153, you will be awarded 40% carry marks for the reflections while in GE1155, all the reflections only amounted to 5% of the total carry marks.  Since we are in week 4 already, for those who haven’t started week 1-3 reflections, just skip it and start with reflection week 4 onwards.  This means you don’t have a chance to skip anymore weekly reflections since the best 10 reflections will be counted towards the 40% overall individual project.

Some of my comments in some of your blogs cannot be seen. The comments are “awaiting for approval”.  Thus, I hope you will solve this problem with En Helmi, Pn Hazrati and Kak Anna in class tomorrow.

So you have started getting the ball rolling for the group task.  Last week, your assignment was to prepare your group proposal, record a 2-5 minutes introduction of yourselves, upload to YouTube and link them in your group blog (you can set your video clip in YouTube to private and invite only those you wish – ask En Helmi, during his session tomorrow, if you do not know how to set it to private, or maybe En Helmi or Faisal can write simple instruction at the comment session of this posting to help).

For your video clip, (i) state your name, (ii) describe a little about your background, and most importantly, share with us (iii) your opinion if the course so far have somewhat help you gain confidence to convey your feelings and your thoughts or improve your communications and presentation skills through our various activities thus far, and share with us (iv) your hopes and expectation of the course.

For this week, besides reflecting about all the tasks you need to accomplish during En Helmi’s session, you will need to link the introduction video of yourself to YouTube.  Then link the embedded code into your reflection for week 4.  You can set it so that only our group with a common password can access to this posting if you wish to set it that way.

Next task for your week 4 reflection, please reflect on all the readings you have made thus far – the reading assignment about (i) education, educational technology and instructional design, (ii) the reading of all 4 group blogs and 19 of last semester’s TESL GE2153 students’ individual blog and (iii) reading of other materials in the course blog (computer education blog and  modulvideo blog) and the video production FB group.  Next, please describe how you feel when interacting with the resources, people and owner of the course blog (computer education and the modulvideo blog) and FB group.  That is your preliminary task for this week assignment.

If you have not managed to complete Week 1-3 Reflections, then just skip to the preliminary task and to the real task for Week 4.  Based on the resources available particularly the Web 2.0 applications such as the WordPress mobile blogs and the Video Production Facebook Group,  write a detail reflection of (i) your thoughts on how the availability of web 2.0 applications (WordPress, FB Group, etc.) in this course have helped you overcome  your problem or increase your confidence, presentation  and communication skill or help you becomes more critical and creative in solving problems to complete the given tasks.

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6 Responses to Week 4 GE2153: Readiness for Ubiquitous-HML2 Applications.

  1. Assalamualaikum umi, why my name (blog) is listed under other category? >Computer & ICT? not in the GE2153 Edu Tech 2? I hope you not overlooked me 🙂 hihi

  2. Cikgu says:

    ok so u r the one i was looking for this morning because we have 32 students with only 30 links. I will fix it. please let me know who is the other person not in the link list ya nadia, thanks.

  3. Rosseni says:

    got your name on the right list nadia but the other person can’t be nurul amira yacob since she is already in the list. could you help me find that missing person? TQ dear 🙂

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