Week 3 GE2153 Educational Technology Semester I Session 20122013

Today we will meet at Makmal 2 please inform the technician to set a  loud speaker to the demo computer in Makmal 2 and sit in your own group (7 groups).

Task 1: Today we will only have time to look at 1 video in vlog category but i would like you to watch all mat-lutfi’s video on the tube today if not during tutorial when you are in fast Internet environment anywhere anytime at your leisure. Watch this one first so to get an idea of how a vlog looks like.

Task 2:  Discuss and present list of possible video production project you foresee to accomplish this semester.  Each froup have only 5 minutes, present at 11am.

Task 3: Download a sample multimedia project proposal and write-up one for your group work.

Task 4: Complete your weekly individual blog and report your group progress in a group blog and link it to your individual reflection.

Task 5: Drop your proposal in i-folio drop box before next class.


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