Week 2 GE2153 Educational Technology Sem 1 2012/2013

Dear all,

For week 2 lecture, please search and analyze information in any form – preferably multi-media learning objects.

Write your reflection about what you understand from the reading and watching videos about Technology, Education and Instructional Technology.  Link only materials you recommend your friends to read and watch.  The recommended materials must be unique – elaborate the uniqueness of each of the link you provided in your reflection for week 2.

For tutorial this week, we will discuss about another category of videos.  Last week we discussed about action and documentary.  This week we will look at videos as a platform to deliver information effectively through poems and narrations.  Please reflect each video in your week 2 reflection as to the uniqueness, pros and cons of the video method.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

The next video clip is not something that you could categorize as a video production but it is a presentation with great effect to present  Text, Graphics  and Audio.  This is an excellent presentation but does not fullfil video production requirement for the Group Work but it would be a great induction set to combine with something like Video 2 and 3.

The next clip is a collaboration work between poet, Yasiin Bey and calligrapher, Niels Shoe Meulman. It is a poem on Muhammad Ali, the world-famous fighter. This video a bit distinctive from the above videos because it has the artistic bits besides the static poet.

“This is the story of Muhammad Ali The prettiest fighter that ever will be, He talks a great deal, and brags indeed-y, Of a muscular punch that’s incredibly speed-y. The fistic world was dull and weary, With a champ like Liston, things had to be dreary. Then comes someone with color, someone with dash, To get the fight fans running’ with Cash. This brash young fighter is something to see And the heavyweight championship is his des-tin-y. Ali fights great; he’s got speed and endurance, but if you sign on to fight him, increase your insurance. Ali’s got left, Ali’s got right, And if he hits you once, you’re asleep for the night. As you lie on the mat as the ref counts ten, You’ll pray you never have to fight him again. For I am the man this poem is about. The heavyweight champion, there is no doubt. This I predicted and I knew the score, The champ of the world in ‘64. When I say three, they’ll go in the third, Don’t bet against me, I’m a man of my word. For “I am the man” this poem’s about, The heavyweight champ, there is no doubt. Here I predicted Mr. Liston’s dismemberment, Hit him so hard he wonder where October and November went. When I say two, there’s never a third, Standing against me is completely absurd. And if I tell you a mosquito can pull a plow. Don’t ask how; hit him up. I AM THE GREATEST!”


This week we will link our blog to each other.  Please take note.

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