Updated Set 2 Course Proforma

Dear all,

As you know we are now in week 4 but will be attending the 5th lecture and tutorial today.  Pn Hazrati will come in at 10am for the lecture and  I will join you with a few postgraduate students to facilitate our group project during tutorial session at about 11am.

We are a week in advance.  This is due to the fact that we started both our tutorials and lecture on time during the first week when the other set with far more students than our set were juggling to fit tutorial sessions into their schedule.  In addition our week 2 was done online and we proceed to have week 3 lecture during week 2 face-to-face session.

I have been staying up all night to update the course proforma to suit out set 2 activities.  As such i think i will KIV my response on your week 3 and 4 reflection later.

Please download your course proforma at the end of this posting.  See you later today 🙂


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