GE2153 – Week 4

Salam and good day all,

Tomorrow we shall meet at 10am in Makmal 1. InshaAllah, tomorrow’s plan will be as follow:

  1. Lecture and discussion on needs assessment, goal analysis,  and the use of media in instruction.
  2. Discuss on your group project. You should by now have a topic for the project. I am looking forward to see you progress tomorrow.

Lecture 4 Materials
P/S: Don’t forget to update on your weekly reflection..


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41 Responses to GE2153 – Week 4

  1. peksitai518 says:

    Hello, Dr. It’s me again, Pei Si XD
    I’ve done the reflection 4 for the week 5 lecture and tutorial =>
    Dr, please take a look ya~ Thanks~
    Best regards.. ^^

  2. Cikgu says:

    I have read your reflection for week 5 Pek Si! Marvelous! You have integrated all 3 elements needed in a reflection. However if you can elaborate more on the third element it would help us improve our teaching. We learn and improve each other in this class, i hope you enjoy learning that way, meaning not only u will be learning from us but we really hope to get response from you as to how we can improve our T&L; if not for this course for our future courses 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    As to my comments on your week 4 (reflection 3) posting, i have left my comments in your blog.

  3. peksitai518 says:

    Thanks Dr for reading my reflection 4. Is it really good? Really happy to hear that from Dr. I just want to share my feelings and suggestions in my reflection. If I have any salah kata, I apologize ya. I’m a straight girl, difficult to hide my feelings and always feel like share something to others. BUT I dun know is that okay. Hehe.
    Between thanks Dr for willing to give me such a comment that’s motivated me a lot. I’ll keep up myself for the following week. Best regards and sincerely thanks.

  4. Cikgu says:

    No worries dear, the pleasure is mind. I like a straight-forward person, Be yourself always, don’t go changeing and strive for excellence 🙂

  5. Assalamualaikum Dr. Rosseni.
    It’s me Aqila Munirah from your Education Technology Class….
    I’m here to inform that I have already finish last week’s class reflection for both individual and the group blog. Hope for a kind feedback for both blogs. Thank you Dr.
    Group Blog:
    My Blog:

  6. Cikgu says:

    I have commented on all three postings in your individual blog and group blog. Please check them out and respond especially to the problem about equipment.

  7. peksitai518 says:

    ok, Dr. Rosseni~ thx a lot ya~~ “b myself” XD

    • Cikgu says:

      wah banyaknya sekaligus…i will give my response in your blog, thanks for the notification 🙂 sorry for my late response ….hope u r n the rest of the class are enjoying your video post-production work while i review all your the blogs

  8. peksitai518 says:

    Hello, Dr, I have one comment from Pn Hazrati. She said she cant publish her post via Dr’s blog. So, she just told me that she is attending BTN course from 22 March – 26 March. Therefore, she will not be able to conduct class for this week. However, the class is still on because she said Dr Rosseni did mentioned she will be coming in for the tutorial session to see our project progress (needs assessment, storyboard ect.). She wanted us to double confirm with Dr about this.
    This is the link she sent to me..=>
    Can Dr tell us what to do? Are we 11am just enter the class? No lecture? Just tutorial?
    Sorry 4 trouble.. ^^ Thanks for answering.. XDD

  9. Dr, it’s me again~ Peksi ^^
    This is my group’s blog ==>
    The 1st post (introduction) ==>
    The 2nd post (pre-production) ==>
    Please have a look in it ya~ Thanks lots, Dr..

  10. peksitai518 says:

    eh? Last night I got post one comment here. Why it is disappear?
    Between, it’s okay~ Just want to tell Dr that this is my group blog =>
    The 1st post (Introduction) =>
    The 2nd post =>
    Please have a look on it ya.
    Thanks, Dr. Best regards.. ^^

  11. tashigi90 says:

    Salam Dr.
    I have finished my reflection blog and my group blog.
    Please have a look whenever you are free.
    I have troubles editting the groups page.

    This is mine :
    Ths is the group :

    Will add more details about the groups’ blog.
    Thank you.

  12. peksitai518 says:

    Hi, Dr XD
    Pei Si here..
    Want to inform Dr that I have finished my week 5 reflection.
    Here is my reflection =>
    Please take a look on it ya.
    Erm, about group blog, I’ll tell Dr whenever we have done it. Thanks, Dr. ^^

  13. samirahbaharuddin says:

    Salam Dr.
    I have finished my reflection blog and I also edited my reflection on Week 2.
    I hope you can take a look when you are free. Thank you Dr.
    And for group blog, we still try to make it perfect. We will inform you when we done it.
    Thanks Dr.
    Here is my blog :

  14. foodhunter6 says:

    Salam Dr. Rosseni.
    It’s me, Aqila~
    I’ve finished both reflection for individual and group blog. Thank you for your past comment. Sorry it’s a bit late than usual…I uploaded a not-so-good video and photos of our group discussion that we did in the group blog. Do have a peek…Thank you, Dr.

    Sorry I use the group blog to comment here.

  15. peksitai518 says:

    Hello, Dr Rosseni, I am Pei Si.
    I’ve finished my reflection for week 6. =>
    Dr, please take a look ya.
    Thanks Dr.
    Best regards… =)

  16. peksitai518 says:

    Hi, Dr Rosseni, it’s me again, Pei Si =)
    I have finished my reflection 7. =>
    Dr, please take a look ya.
    Thanks, Dr. (Sorry, Dr, it seem like your wordpress’s full of my posts. Sometimes I feel embarrassed as feeling that I’m looked like a spam >.<) Between, I just want to tell Dr about my progress.
    Best regards.. =D

  17. zurainne says:

    Assalamualiakum Dr..

    i am so sorry i forgot to link my updates here..and i was wondering i still haven’t done the reflection on dewey as i am not aware of this before can i complete that in my next reflection?

    i am sorry and here’s the link for my blog updates..

    week 5
    week 6

  18. peksitai518 says:

    Dr Rosseni, I’ve update my group blog.
    Feel free to take a look ya. =)
    Summary of our video production =>
    Story board =>
    Thanks, Dr.. Best regards to you~~

  19. peksitai518 says:

    Dr Rosseni, I’ve written my reflection for the field work.
    Reflection 8 =>
    Pls take a look ya, thanks Dr. =))

  20. peksitai518 says:

    Dr Rosseni, I’ve written my reflection for the graphic workshop on Saturday that one.
    Reflection 9 =>
    Pls take a look ya, thanks Dr. =))
    Best regards..

  21. peksitai518 says:

    Dr Rosseni, it’s me again. I’ve written my reflection for the workshop of mainly video editing on Sunday.
    Reflection 10 =>
    Please take a look ya, thanks Dr. =))
    Best regards to Dr.

  22. Assalamualaikum Dr. Rosseni,
    I’ve done the banner that were assigned to be done. I haven’t update my reflection yet though…I’ll update it as soon as possible. Do take a look at my finished banner. I did it for my individual blog and the moblog group’s banner.
    Thank you~

  23. luqman91 says:

    Assalamualaikum Dr,
    I’ve already done the banner and change the header for my blog, as assigned. Here’s the link to my blog.

    Do I still need to email my banner?
    Thank you. ^^

  24. aimanjafre says:

    Assalamualaikum Dr,
    I’ve already done the banner and change the header for my blog, as assigned. Here’s the link to my blog.

    I’ve also emailed you my banner
    Thank you. ^^

  25. peksitai518 says:

    Good evening, Dr Rosseni..
    2 days passed after our video-production presentation but the day, the feelings are still fresh in my mind.
    Here, This is my reflection about the day presentation. Reflection 11 =>
    Dr, please have a look ya.. Thanks. Best regards to you =)

  26. Assalamualaikum Dr. Rosseni.
    I’ve finished all the 10 weeks reflection. Please have a look. I hope it reach your expectation. Here’s the link to the blog.
    Thank you Dr.

  27. zurainne says:

    Assalamualaikum.hi Dr..i’ve finished all the reflection here the link

    thank you Dr..

  28. peksitai518 says:

    Good morning, Dr =)
    I’ve done my last reflection..
    Here the link =>
    Pls have a look ya..
    Best regard to Dr.. =))

  29. aimanjafre says:

    Assalamualaikum DR..How are you today..
    I’ve already completed all the reflections from week 1 to week 10..
    here’s my blog-

    Please take a look ya.

  30. assalamualaikum dr rosseni,
    i’ve already completed all the ten reflections and also all of the assignments given
    here’s my blog
    feel free to visit ya dr rosseni.
    happy holiday and salam =)

  31. zulaika says:

    Salam Dr. Rosseni. Pardon me for being late to report on my reflections.
    So, I have finished all my reflections.
    Here is the link to my blog
    Feel free to visit 🙂
    Thanks for all your guidance all this time 🙂

  32. zulaika says:

    I forgot one more thing, I represent Farhana and Samirah to report on their reflections.
    Here is the link to their blogs

  33. cikgu says:

    oh my goodness i can’t believe i haven’t responded to these messages and just realize that the responses i did was at some of your blogs or our FB group. Anyhow my dear beloved students, I have read almost all your reflections (am still a long way to finish though but strange – i kept on hoping i have enough of your reflections to last me a while – i know i will miss them once i finalize the grades – at this point i am just enjoying myself reading them without the mark sheet – so if you want to add anything else please feel free.)

    anyways, i am writing this comment to (1) respond to Pek Si’s, tashigo90’s, samirah’s, aqila and the foodhunters’, zuraine’s,luqman’s, aiman’s and zulaikha’s comments. i hope i did not miss anybody. TQ all for your notifications. So far i am enjoying your post. I enjoyed it so much and i was so eager to hop to the next reflection and next blog that i did not write my comments. will go through them once again next week to grade them. Please keep in touch although the class is over either via my blog, your blog or OUR group. I feel a strong sense of belonging to the group FB, your blog, mine and your group’s blog. Please continue your blog to make reflections of your life in UKM. When you are old and wise, you will go back and laugh at it or maybe even cry. I should be going now but one of these days i shall add a tribute to the class for giving me such a memorable teaching experience. It shall be posted in my page Why I Teach. A short brief one maybe but meaningful enough for me to remember all my life. Have a good life and Remember the Almighty God, the Most Benevolence. He will be with you through thick or thin. Whenever you are down, remember, He will always be with you. All the Best!

  34. salam dr rosseni , =D . this is my links , please be welcome to read my reflections on the course and also on certain random things . thank you for urging us to use blogs as our medium of learning , it does teach me something valuable =) . thank you dr for all the lesson and knowledge .
    last but not least , this is Samirah links , .

  35. lyndvesper says:

    Salam Dr.
    I’m Nor Shuhada.
    I have done all the reflections. 😀
    Please welcome to read my blog at this link,

  36. cikgu says:

    i have just read samirah’s – overall to my liking except for some very informal english which i dont thing your english instructor’s would approve. i have read shuhada’s and i could not stop at it and decide if i continue i would be able to finish grading my other subjects which Dr Norasmah is chasing me for the grades. and when i got solah’s comment in the mail today can’t help myself but to open up the blog. but i really have to stop now. will wait for inputs from pn Haz and En Helmi before i open up again to finalize the marks and submit it to Dr Arif tomorrow. All the best!

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