GE2153 Response to your Week1 and Week2 Activities

Dear all,

I have read some of your reflections.  Most have the same common gap in term of the reflection task.  Other than that I am very happy with your response to both classes and am very glad you had a good chemistry with Miss Hazrati.

Now let’s get down to the reflection problem since it will contribute to 40% of your marks.  Please googgle what “reflection in education means”.  Here is an example.  There were many definitions given in the example link but in short what I expected from you is a reflection which includes 5 elements as defined by Dewey (Dewey 1933: 118) or 3 elements as redefined by Boud, Keogh and Walker (1985).  In short, I expected your reflection to include the following elements as Boud, Keogh and Walker (1985) rephrase or redefined Dewey’s work.  For them reflection is an activity in which people ‘recapture their experience, think about it, mull it over and evaluate it’. They rework Dewey’s five aspects into three.

  • Returning to experience – that is to say recalling or detailing salient events.
  • Attending to (or connecting with) feelings – this has two aspects: using helpful feelings and removing or containing obstructive ones.
  • Evaluating experience – this involves re-examining experience in the light of one’s intent and existing knowledge etc. It also involves integrating this new knowledge into one’s conceptual framework. (ibid: 26-31).

So dear all, please make sure your third reflection onwards cover all these three aspects to make sure you get full marks.  The top 10 reflections will be selected for grading purposes towards the 40% carry marks on this task alone.  So please think about it seriously and enjoy doing it.

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18 Responses to GE2153 Response to your Week1 and Week2 Activities

  1. peksitai518 says:

    Okay, Dr Rosseni. Thanks for sharing it to us. I will try to write my 3rd reflection with the form of “more exactly like a reflection”.
    Thanks XD

  2. cikgu says:

    Pek Si, Eyka, Vanessa and Akira: ok dear 🙂 good for you Pek Si (2 reflections), Eyka (2 reflections), Akira (2 reflections) and Vanessa (1 reflection) although Vanessa had only done one reflection at this time. That way I have ample time to comment and you have ample time to make corrections to perfection 🙂 in your next reflection, all the best, keep up the good work.

    Vanessa: I just had one doubt that i would like to discuss with Vanessa and the rest of the class members in reference to Vanessa’s content. It’s about the concert “thing”. As you all have went through your Philosophy of Education class, one of the philosophy in teaching and learning is to instill good values across curriculum. I am not sure in other religion (please enlighten me) but for sure in Islam rock-concert in association with socialization-drinking and the like is a no-no for many reasons as you can read in many sources in the Internet. It is not a problem with the concert but what is in association with it. So Vanessa, what i would like to ask you is whether or not the concert you have in the blog instill good values to your friends and students. If you can highlight then that would be very good because there are concert done for good cause the right way without negative influences – do tell me about it. The running of it was done professionally to ensure no negative outcome came out from it.

    Eyka: I have also read Eyka90’s reflections and left my comments in your blog. In short, i think you will need to change your blog name and tagline to reflect the task for evaluation purposes.

    As for aqila-qira-chan, i receive this message like i did the first time with pek si – “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    will put up my comments about other blogs here as i go through them…all the best and keep up the good work!

  3. zulaika says:

    Salam, Dr. I have changed my nickname to Zulaika and do I need to change my blog’s name too?
    For example from ‘bebymyside’ to ‘ZulaikaAbdAziz’.
    and thanks for sharing Dr. I’ll try to do my best for this task.

  4. cikgu says:

    yes but not necessarily to zulaikha but something catchy with a meaning that will keep your reader coming and will put your blog on top of a search by SEO (search engine optimization). Anyway congratulation on a respond well-done! Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. cikgu says:

    I have read Pek Si’s, Eyka90 and Akira-qira-chan’s reflections. I have commented about how not to have your readers be moderated for their comments; I hope Akira will read this post and set the comments section so that comments don’t need to be moderated. Other than that, I hope all of you will create a blog name that is at least motivational with a good tagline as your message to your readers. Please look at my comment in Eyka90’s blog. Eyka90 however have just changed her nickname to Zulaikha (as iI am typing this comment 🙂 so i can recognize her right away 🙂 Thank you Eyka for entertaining my request. Now that I know who you are, later on you can change back to Eyka :). As what is accustomed in our culture, we usually introduce ourselves by our first name like Zulaikha; As we get to know each other better, we will then use a nickname such as Eyka. Go ahead Eyka you can change back to Eyka if everybody else in the class know you by that name; Remember to mention that in your Profile, so your lecturers will know who you are 🙂

  6. zulaika says:

    Thanks for your feedback Dr. I think I will just stick to my real name 😀
    by the way, I just want to inform you and my classmates that due to some confusion on my part when i try to changed my nickname and all that, I accidentally changed my blog address to
    The old address is no longer available. i hope this will not cause any confusion. thank you.

  7. cikgu says:

    oh well actually you only need to change your blog name not URL but all is well and done with, we will try to make the best of it, i hope you have learned more about wordpress by now … 🙂

  8. peksitai518 says:

    Thanks, Dr for the comments. We’ll go to look at the Zulaika’s blog’s comment.
    We’ll also fo our best in the next reflection. Best regards to Dr.

  9. Hi Dr.

    First of all I would like to express how sorry I am about my wordpress content on concerts. I absolutely have no intention to show bad or negative influence to either friends or students. It is just that I want to share about my interest, or passion on concerts of either local or international bands. It is really nothing to do with anything about drinking because I am not that kind of person. I hope that you will never get me wrong because I just go to concerts to listen to their songs. 🙂 I never know that sharing about concerts in my wordpress would give some negative effects to others indirectly. I will be writing more on academic issues from now on and I don’t want to make any controversial issues on my wordpress content so I am going to clear them off. And I hope those concert posts won’t give any bad effect to me on this course because this is my most favorite course for this semester. Thank you for your response on my wordpress Dr. I would like to hear more from you for my next post on my next reflection that will be posted soon. 🙂

  10. cikgu says:

    Dear Vanessa,
    I hope you won’t get me wrong either. The values that I mentioned before was the values practice in my religion and most of your classmates, I would like to hear from yours. If you think it is not a negative influence for those other than moslems please be my guest and post it as a private posting and share the password only to those who have the same value as you do; not necessarily your classmates alone and you don’t have to clear it on my account. I never implied that you are the kind that drinks my dear but it’s good to hear that you are not that kind of a person as you put it 🙂 no worries Vanessa, i don’t judge people by their first few postings and I hope we will enjoy the class. Looking forward to hearing from you in your next reflection 🙂

  11. sarahzaki says:


    Dearest Dr.Rosseni 🙂 ,

    Thank you for enlightening us on the imperfections of our reflections before starting evaluating it. You’ve given us the chance to improve before being wholly judged and that’s very thoughtful of you. 😉 . I’m sorry that i’ve made the “less academic” first reflection last week. Anyways, i have tried my best to comprehend and fulfil the criteria of the reflection as you described in my second reflection. Please feel free to have a look and leave a comment. Below is the link to the meant reflection:

    Thank you :))

  12. assalamualaikum dr.

    thanks a lot for the information..truly appreciate it..

    btw, i just posted two of my reflections yesterday as i faced some problems to log into it last 2 weeks..i’m sorry for the late reflections

    and about my reflections from this week onwards, i’ll definitely try to follow the requirements that u’ve asked us..

    again, thanks a lot..


  13. cikgu says:

    Shakirah: ok syakirah, will look at it 🙂

    sarah: i am glad to hear that sarah you put a lot of time in it sarah! Sarah maybe you can change the background of your banner to contrast with your tagline so the hadith is more readable.

  14. Salam Dr. Rosseni.
    I really appreciated your comment and feedback for the past post. I already unmoderate the comment section. I have done week 3’s reflection along with the blog for the video company project. I have put the link for the company’s blog inside my week 3 reflection.
    Hope to receive ur honest and kind feedback. Here is the link~
    thank you Dr.~

  15. peksitai518 says:

    Hello, Dr.. Nite, Dr.. XD
    Erm, I’ve done my 3rd reflection…
    Pls have a look on it and give me some comments.. Thanks!
    Best regards. ^__^

  16. sarahzaki says:

    Assalamualaikum Dr. ,

    I’ve just completed my third reflection. I’m sorry for this late posting. I’ll finish up the other two as soon as i can. Please feel free to have a look at it and comment. Thank you 🙂
    Below is the link to my third reflection:

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  18. Cikgu UmmI says:

    Reblogged this on EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY and commented:

    Dear all,

    I am reblogging this post since some of you TESL EduTech 4 are having the same problem on doing the kind of reflection that contributes to your 40% carry marks. Hope this will help you. All the best, looking forward to see you in class today 🙂

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