GE6663 Week 1

Dear all,

I have posted this message in SPIN but it still doesn’t appear.  As an alternative please introduce yourself by replying to this posting below.  Introduce (i) your academic, career and family background, (ii) your hopes and wishes when you register to this course and (iii) your plan in regards to media development for your study.  This task is part of your online participation requirement and shall be evaluated using an online participation rubric.

Happy Learning.

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One Response to GE6663 Week 1

  1. tashigi90 says:

    I’m Rozaidah bt Zainudin.
    TESL Year 2.
    I apologize for the late reply.
    This is due to the problems caused by JARING.
    I can’t possibly login into my e-mail due to this.
    I hope that I will be able to get myself adapted with technology in teaching
    and apply in in classroom. I also hoping that I will be able to catch up with the current
    media and tools that can be used in teaching.
    I guess that I’ve lost some of my memories regarding the previous class which is Computer in Education.
    I need to practice the
    I would like to join any programmes related to media/teaching in class especially when it comes
    to using technology. Technology helps to improve teaching and the learniing process as well.

    I’ve done both my 1st & 2nd reflection.
    But I will amend both the reflections according to Deweys’ link which you gave us before.
    Please view my page and tell me if there’s anything that I need to change.
    Wordpress sure is complicated. But I will try.

    My blog.

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