GE1155 Week 4 S2K1

Dear S2K2 students:

The TH officer called me Saturday so I get myself ready for my flight very soon and today I will need to settle a few more things at TH and the immigration office.  I have asked Dr. Norazah to stop by Makmal 3 and entertain any questions you might have since i could not get a response from En Yusuf via email but insyaAllah he has agreed to come in starting next week.  In the mean time please do the following for this week.

1. Pls email me the name list from our first meeting with your name, phone #, email address and blog URL.
2. Pls do your weekly reflection in your blog.
3. During class today do the following task as in the course proforma for week3-4 and DON’T FORGET to write your weekly reflection in your blog subsequently after you finish the task for this week.
4. Most importantly, 🙂 I am virtual but i still am your teacher 🙂 so please let me know if you have any problem.  InsyaAllah you will have Dr. Norazah  next door in Lab 4 to help,  En Yusuf will be with you starting next week. Dr. Siti  had outlined the details in the course proforma, please follow and ask if in doubt 🙂

5. All the best, insyaAllah I will make du’a for all of you and am looking forward to see all of you again.  If I settle things early today I will stop by the lab see if there is anybody working from the lab with any problems but pls don’t count on it too much 🙂

Salam TESL and have a good semester ahead!

🙂 your teacher

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One Response to GE1155 Week 4 S2K1

  1. Cikgu says:

    Fahmi pls invite all S2K1 students into TESL2011 group in my FB. I would not be able to differentiate you S2K1 students from the rest in the bigger group. I will be responsible to grade assignments and task for wee1-4 and En Yusuf will do the rest insyaAllah.

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