GE1155 Week 2

Salam and welcome to all TESL-SCIENCE-2011 students

As you may have already found out I am your set 2 TESL-SCIENCE group coordinator for GE1155.  I will be facilitating the  set 2 group 1 (S2K1) the first half of the semester and En Yusuf will taking over the second half of the semester.  As for the set 2 group 2 (S2K2) group, Associate Professor Dr. Norazah will be in charge of your group.

ok, let’s get down to work.

Fist of all, if you can’t access SPIN to download the course proforma, please do it now via this link.

These are activities you need to do today:

1.  register an official yahoo or gmail account using the prefix of your matrix number-firstName

2. register and start a blog on wordpress

3. register and start participating in the ge1155-tesl-science-2011 yahoo group

4. register and start exploring SPIN using the guide given in my previous posting at

5. Search group GE1155-TESL-Science-2011 on Facebook.  Add yourself to the group.

Read Week 2 Activities to be completed on your course proforma and complete all assignment by midnight next Sunday 25.9.2011

Hope you enjoy the course and have a fruitful journey 🙂

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4 Responses to GE1155 Week 2

  1. salam Dr….sorry to disturb …sy mewakili student sains major kimia minor biologi tahun 3…kami mmpunyai masalah untuk mengakses spin…semua sbjek yg dftar x appear…s0..ape yg perlu kami buat Dr…??

  2. wanie s0llero says:

    ok…dh setle psl spin…alhamdulillahh..tq

  3. cikgu says:

    wani, saya dah pergi PTM pegawai SPIN kata mereka dah tukar parameter untuk pelajar tahun 3 dan semua dah ok sepatutnya selewat2nya esok 🙂

  4. 0o..ok..TQ s0 much 4 ur concern…may Allah bless u Dr….:)

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