Got to speak my mind

Last Thursday a PhD student from another program doing a study about Instructional Media  Development came to see me for a brief review of her work.  She brought a letter from her supervisor approving me as her reviewer.  Prior to that i have given her some resources to look for and a link to my full thesis which she can replicate.  She did mention to me in a phone conversation  ” ….minta halal ya saya tiru dari tesis…” .  Well of course I said sure, no problem the reason I put it online was so that the knowledge can be disseminated and hopefully Allah will regard it as “ilmu yang bermanfaat”.

On the other hand, I did post a creative commons copyright on the front page of the weblog list of pages.  Meaning she would have came across the creative commons copyright in order to moveover to MyPhD link.  According to the CC terms, anyone can copy, transmit and distribute the work.  However, the work must be attributed and not be use to alter, transform or build upon (no derivative work) EXCEPT  with permission.

When I saw her instruments, I was kinda taken aback.  I did not see any references to prior work attributed on her instruments .  She realized that and ask why I kinda serious and ask if I still would become her reviewer. I said “Well, sure yes, I have promised that I will do so, as such, I will do it”.

The question on my mind that i need to speak up is:

…if she had ask me to “halal”kan what she derives from my work (which i had mentioned to my students that academicians always appreciates her work being derived by others to develop or expand the knowledge) does that means no attribution need to be mention in her work?  I myself derive some of my work from Prof Thomas, Prof MacDonald and many others; I did mention it in my thesis and instruments where appropriate so I think she should mention it not for my own credit but to give proper attribution to the original work where it was first derived from. oh well…that’s my opinion, I am glad I have speak my mind.  I hope Azmi, Ipin and other academicians who use CC reads this and share their thoughts.

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2 Responses to Got to speak my mind

  1. Helmi Norman says:

    I am against plagiarism. She should acknowledge/cite you as she has replicated your work. Plagiarism is a serious offense in the academic world and can lead to career damage if not rightly dealt with. All the best.

  2. Cikgu says:

    Thanks Helmi, i am at item #8 of your questionnaire now, hope to get it done before i get home…banyak nyamuk la at the office.

    I think she would not regard it as plagiarism because she told me the contents is not the same with mine (i did not ask her though…she probably feel obligated to explain). BTW, that is just one circumstance and that sure doesn’t stop me from putting my stuffs online because i feel honoured when my students expand my work no matter what because i know Allah will deal with each of us and reward us with what we deserve if not now in the hereafter.

    need to get back to the other computer with your stuffs 🙂 Later …

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