GE2153: Week 14 and Sample Q#7 and Q#8

we saw the rest of the video production presentation in week 14 last week.  most are more or less at par with the 3 presentations we saw the week before.  Please send your completed clips plus project report using the format given earlier.  The project will also be use as a benchmark to grant marks for borderline cases.  Last day to send all project assignment yo me would be Monday the 24th of April at 10am.

We have also discussed 6 sample questions from past year exams.  Here are two more.  Will post more if you need to see more examples.

7. Tempoh masa bagi cahaya masuk ke dalam kamera dikawal oleh

A. Gegelang fokus

B. Bukaan lensa

C. Kelajuan shutter

D. Penilik pandangan

The time taken for light to enter a camera is controlled by the

A. Focusing ring

B. Lens opening

C. Shutter speed

D. View finder

8.   Di  antara elemen grafik popular yang sering diguna pakai oleh pereka media pengajaran adalah WARNA, ini adalah kerana

i.          ia dapat menyatukan visual

ii.         ia membantu mengindahkan gubahan

iii.        dapat mengasingkan bahagian yang utama

iv.        boleh mengubah maksud kandungan

A.        i,ii,iv

B.        i,ii iii

C.        i sahaja

D.        Semuanya di atas

Among the popular graphic elements which are often used by an instructional designer is COLOR, because

i.          it is able to merge the visual elements

ii.         it helps to make the design more attractive

iii.        it is able to differentiate the main parts

iv.        it is able to change the meaning of the content

A.         i,ii,iv

B.         i,ii iii

C.        i only

D.        All of the above

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