GE2153: Week 13

Reflection of the Video Production Project

I have seen 3 video production presentation last week.  All on the borderline of getting an A (between 80 and maybe a little over 80).  With some improvement, some may be able to increase their marks to 85-90 or even to full marks.

I have also seen 2 more projects in progress.  A lot must be done I must say.

I anticipated this to happen.  As such I have asked the 3 groups representative to submit a copy to me.  One group’s rep said he will upload to youtube and give me the link.  I asked for it on Friday and expected them to submit on the same day or night but until now no news.  I must say that your marks will not be reduce even if others who watch your project somewhat replicate your work.  You should instead be proud if your work can be replicated by others.  This is what we call cooperative learning.  You’ve learned about it and have many opportunity to practice it.

Anyhow, since i can’t get a hold of the 3 projects at the moment, I will show one of the projects which had manage to obtain an A for it.  This video was a project from my last sem students.

As I have told you in my tutorial and lecture, you can get help from Faisal on the technical parts of producing the video.  I have also asked a rep from my tutorial class to arrange for extra tutorial class with Faisal if technical help in producing or editing the video is needed.  As such, I hope to get a project that meets all the requirement in terms of technicalities and production skills.  For more technical tips, I have asked Faisal to comment on the sample video and add a few more general tips on common mistakes or skills in video production. His comments are as below;


The Route (title of the sample video from last sem’s students) was a good video and with few more improvements that video could be a good short film and qualified to enter any short film competition. Anyway, a few comments on the video.

1) the camera was shaking too much during the interviews, that is distracting for the viewers. Either use tripod, stabilizers or any other orthodox methods i.e. book or anything flat to reduce the effects.

2) the soundtrack is a bit loud during the narration part making the narration hard to be heard by viewers. Volume of soundtrack or background music should be lowered when there is another audio especially audio that we want to highlight.

3) the good thing about this video is the camera angles. They took a lot of scenes and they really use the time they spent in KL for the video production. All those hard works was paid off when all those scenes was used in the video.  A lot of camera angles and panoramic scene are essential to describe the settings and the mood.  They did that in their video.

4) Besides, one scene can be shortened by using more video angles rather than recording one whole scene in just a few camera angles.  Shortening a scene sometimes become very important especially when we want to describe a very long and slow scene. Viewers will get bored if the scene is too long and slow because they already get the meaning or message from the scene and it is not necessary to show the whole scene to give a picture of what is happening in the video.

A few general tips after I saw some of the video production progress.

1) Try to have more camera angles to enhance the storytelling aspect of the video.

2) Try to use good lighting when recording.  I used my study lamp back in Australia to record a few of my projects i.e. ask other team members to hold it for you in particular position and particular direction.

3) Same case goes to audio recording. If you have an external microphone, that would be the best thing to have. But is you don’t have one, just use any mp3 recorder as backup if the camera’s audio mic is too far from the voice. You could tie the mp3 recorder to a stick or anything that is long enough and hold it higher or above the voice and make sure the mp3 recorder is out of the camera frame.

4) There are many video editing softwares that help you to edit your video. you could buy or download the trial version if you don’t have the full version yet. There a lot of tutorials in the Internet on there softwares especially if you are using famous and common softwares such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe premiere, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle and many others. If you need help on the softwares, I will try to help. InsyaAllah.

5) I always look for inspiration first when i want to start a video production, then I will try to sketch up the timeline, storyline, setting and plots. Make sure the message conveyed properly and clearly.  I have seen many video that viewers misinterpret or blurred throughout the whole scene or film just because of the bad storyline of lacks creativeness in the video. Sometimes I feel that the production teams do not have passion in making that video a good and interesting video, they just making it because they need to. Success needs passion. As simple as that.

I think this is too much already, you might ask anything in Dr. Rosseni’s blog under this posting using the comments function if you have any difficulties in completing your project. If I can help you, I will. I’m not an expert, so, there might be a few question I will not be able to answer, but I will provide links to help you do it yourself. InsyaAllah.

Jzkk. Wassalam.

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10 Responses to GE2153: Week 13

  1. My deepest apology for not being able to reply in haste. I am terribly sorry for the delay but the video was uploaded on Friday and is receiving good responses from our friends in facebook. I hope that the link that I provided below will allow you to have access to the video. Thank you very much for your patience and concern. Your kind attention is very much appreciated.

    This is the link to the video created by Dr. Norazah’s group –

  2. Dr. Rosseini, is it fine for you if Dr. Norazah’s group submits the report as well the video in a cd attached to the report on this coming Friday?

  3. Javrylnna says:

    Sorry for the delay. We had difficulty in uploading the video. Sorry for the inconveniences. Dr. Hehe… So, this is the video from our group (UKM through our lenses, Mr. Yusoff). Thank You.

  4. Javrylnna says:

    This is the link for our video.

  5. Cikgu says:

    Dear Javrylnna: The video was deleted by the youtube team. Apparently it was longer than what they allow. Please send a copy to me via CD or other method then. If nobody is in my office drop off at the reception desk (En. Md. Din).

    • Hi, Dr… Sorry for the late reply… We have submitted the CD last Monday (4th April) in your pigeon hall… The CD comes with our report regarding this project.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Cikgu says:

        javrylynna: thank you. i think i have received it. 🙂 if anything else needed will let u know in a posting before your final exam

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