GE2153: Week 11

Dear all,

I will be coming to our lecture from my all-day-workshop today at Gerbang Minda.  As such, I will attach my lecture power point here for materials you can read later and only brief to you in class rather quickly.  For the rest of the class I will be presenting to you some video clips using  a One-Man-Show approach.

Let’s recap what we’ve seen thus far:

1. I have shown to you great video clips about the life of Malaysian students in Australia.

2. We then watched some of the marvelous video clips created by Prof Wesch (i.e. The Machine is Using UsStudents Today and many-many more on the Tube).  Prof. Wesch integrates real actions on videos with text, audio files and just about anything that is relevant to the message he is trying to pass on.  Do reflect on any of them and ping back to this post.  Remember, the key word is MESSAGE DELIVERED.

3.  I have also shown to you some videos from LeeLeFever.  They make great Instructional Media and i hope to see some of your video production projects applying his concept.  Some of his great video clips are World Wide Web in Plain English,  Blogs in Plain English, Wikis in Plain English, Twitter in Plain English, RSS in Plain English, Social Networking in Plain EnglishSocial Media in Plain English and  Phishing Scams in Plain English.

4.  Last week we saw some videos delivering humanitarian messages about Palestine.  These videos deliver various messages effectively by just using text, still pictures and audio files.  Some of the examples are (i) I Resist (ii) Palestine: I Take Justice Into My Own Hand (iii) Palestine: An Idea Whose Time Has Come (iv) Israeli Propaganda: Make The Lie Big (v) Palestine: Like Never Before, (vi) Palestine: Today I Stand Up, (vii) I am the Rsistance

5.  And this week we have come to the part for integration.  However, yesterday i receive some text messages wanting to see me for my signatures to be able to borrow the video equipment.  That really worries me because this is already the 11th week and you should now start thinking about integrating your video shots with audio files, text files, still pictures and the like.  Then you can start editing your work for group project presentation.  I manage to discuss about your group project progress with En Yusuf yesterday and we thought you might need another week for some final touch. So what do you think if we collapse the three weeks presentation sessions into 2 weeks presentation and instead of start presenting them next week during week 12th then 13th we will have free-up next week’s meeting time and meet back during week 13th and 14th instead.  We will start with presentation from En Yusuf’s tutorial groups, then Dr. Azah and last will be presentation from my tutorial group which should by then be able to attend the regular lecture meetings on Fridays at 10am since it is the 14th week and suppose to be a reading week. PLEASE (anybody…somebody 🙂 do give some feedback on this.

6.  And for those who have just started to embark on your video production project, here are some practical great videos that you can do in a short while but have a potential to award you with excellent carry marks for the project mainly for the extraordinary message/idea and innovation much needed for projects such as these.  Here are some of the great samples: (i) Hari Ibu, (ii) Mercun Bola Bukan Bola, (iii) Nama Pun Sampah, (iv) Top 5 Superheroes, (v) Jiran Baru, (vi) Typical Local Film, (vii) Accept Differences, (viii) Serta Paksa and many more.

Well, I will see you in class today  🙂

Here are lecture notes for today:


Modul Power Point XP


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10 Responses to GE2153: Week 11

  1. Salam..Puan,, may I have a video clip which is about the life of Malaysian students in Australia?,, Thank you.

  2. AFIQAH HAMZAH says:

    salam dr…saya wakil dari kumpulan tutorial dr…kami sekumpulan dah mula merakam segala lakonan untuk video production dan sekarang, keje2 editing sedang dilakukan..kami sekumpulan akan bentang tentang video production ni pada mggu 14 kan??..adakah pembentangan itu hanya membentangkan video kami atau memerlukan kami untuk bentang selain daripada itu??..tq:)

  3. AFIQAH HAMZAH says:

    this friday, kami akan cube bwk hasil rakaman kami sebelum di edit utk penilaian dan sedikit pandangan dari dr…

  4. ubidena says:

    Dr, i just want to ask. the evaluation for the video presentation is on week 14th at 10 am isn’t? if yes, we still got lecture during that time. how we supposed to do? any suggestion from Dr?

  5. sakinahkama says:

    i’ve done wif my reflection..=)

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  7. Cikgu says:

    zahraturrahmi: will upload it sood dear, maaf tak sempat2.
    zubieabu and sakinah: i have browse trhrough so far so good but still a lot can be done to make it more interesting
    ubidena: hantar sorang wakil?

  8. i’m also done with my reflection…..10 reflection already finish….please guide me if i do some mistake…

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