Week 8: Instructional Design of Video Production

example of analysis form for multimedia project

example of contoh laporan perancangan awal projek video production

example of good video production design:

Example 1: The Machine is Us

Example 2: A Vision of Students Today – Creating Human Network in Africa

Example 3: A Vision of Students Today – Web 3.0

Example 4: Surat Seorang Ibu

Example 5: Kamera dan Bapak

Example 6: Di Sebalik Tabir Kamera dan Bapak

If time permits more video will be shown as guidance and to spur more ideas in creating your own video production.

All the best

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15 Responses to Week 8: Instructional Design of Video Production

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  2. AFIQAH HAMZAH says:

    dr..i want ur permission to link this post on my blog week 8!…can i??..heee..but i already link it!..hee..:)

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  4. raluying says:

    dr. rosseni..saya dah cube ciapkan…..sila bg comen, nnt saya perbetulkn smula..=D

  5. Cikgu says:

    ubidena: suka sangat handwriting dan highlighter tu…cerita sikit macam mana nak buat. tak perasan pulak saya ada fungsi tu dalam wordpress editor🙂 i really like it!

    raluying: i really like your week 8 reflection. cool! BTW the cancelled class wasn’t mine was it? as far as i remember all class cancellation on my part have been announce prior to the cancellation either by word-of-mouth or via online notification or sms. Pls update me if it was me!

    afiqah: be my guess🙂

  6. ubidena says:

    hehehe, yg tu ke Dr. saya print screen dr punye esaimen week 8 tu then saya paste kat paint. dekat paint ade mcm2 yg kita boleh kita pkai ctnhye highlighter, brush, pencil, marker. tp kat sini saya gunekan highlihgter ala2 mcm saya meng’highlite’ nota tersebut. yang part tulisan tu saya pkai brush sama juga dgn lukisan org lidi tu.

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  8. Cikgu says:

    ubidena: o begitu ya, tq so much for sharing..🙂

    zubieabu: dah pergi and was searching for your book cover but the search was not successful (i gave up too soon maybe!)

    haniehasan: so far so good🙂 however a lot more innovation can be put in to make it more interesting🙂

  9. keri90 says:

    dr rosseni,,bilakah tarikh akhir menghantar projek vedio?

  10. cikgu says:

    Saturday 30.4.2011 by 10am Saturday morning a couple days after your GE2153 final exam. All the best.

    The video will also be use to help border line cases since i don’t know much about students progress and performance outside of my tutorial class.

  11. Dr. sy dah cuba siapkan refleksi week 8…tp internet slow, menyebabkan kesukaran untuk melihat video….apapun, sy dapat tngok separuh drpnya…

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