Week 7: Information Skills Process

Lecture Notes from Miss Aidah: GE2153,11022011-SLIDE CIK AIDA 11 FEB 2011

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11 Responses to Week 7: Information Skills Process

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  2. raluying says:

    ge2153: week 7…saya da cuba ciapkan…..=D sila cek,,hehehe

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  4. Assalamualaikum Dr..sy dah menyiapkan refleksi 5 pada hari ini….mintak maaf banyak pd Dr. kerana lewat menghantar refleksi 5 ini….But, i already post it in my blog,


  5. Suraya says:

    Assalamualikum Dr Rosseni,

    minta permission nak tanya students if they interested to participate in focus group for my PhD research…Or if Dr Rosseni boleh suggest your students?

    I am looking for 5-6 students from Dr Rosseni’s class, especially who have experience using WordPress for class activities. Refreshment and honorarium will be given after the session

    anyone interested to participate in focus group kindly email me: surayahamid.um@gmail.com

    Suraya Hamid

  6. Cikgu says:

    ok, be my guess. brief/email me/post in comments/etc. the findings ya…would love to know!

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