GE2153 Week 5

Today’s lecture will be presented by En Khalid at 10-11am in Dewan Budiman covering materials for Week 3 and Week 5.

Please click the links to download materials for Week 3 and 5 in respective week’s posting.  To test your understanding, the materials will be tested in your final exam.


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16 Responses to GE2153 Week 5

  1. Salam Dr

    I have a bit misunderstanding for the picture’s project…
    What is theme actually ? Some source says exercise but some says landscape view… Huhuhuhu
    But anyway, I have done with the exercise theme and landscape view still in process..

    • cikgu says:

      theme is the overall visual setting for your wordpress. about your question in previous tutorial class, you can only change the theme in your (the free wordpress version) setting using what’s available to you. For those great themes that you had downloaded or purchased online, u can only use them on a

      have u checked out your blog lately? you did not respond to my remark…

  2. nur a'in mohd says:

    Dr. , saya dah letak gambar yang di snap kt wordpress.mohom di periksa..

  3. Assalamualaiku Dr…i have done an exercise about the ‘landscape’..i hope Dr. will prefer which one is the best landscape…If all are not suitable with the theme, i will change it later….

  4. Miela Tahril says:

    salam, dr. ini adalah refleksi saya untuk minggu ke-5. terima kasih ye.

  5. ubidena says:

    dr,i have d0ne mine. just need ur c0mment on the pictures. tq s0 much!

  6. Cikgu says:

    xneoreagex: ok but love to see more pictures on your reflections 🙂

    hudaa: interesting, i can see some actions there…

    ubidena: would be interesting to edit some of the breathtaking scenes… 🙂

    miela: I like!

    rohayu: the videos ayu! if u can’t upload direct then upload to other media on the web and link your video page to where you keep the videos on the web; BTW i like ur sister’s pic

    nurain: u did not login when u write the comment hence i can’t trace your blog via the comment

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