GE2153 Week 2

Please define and discuss the concept of (i) Technology, (ii) Education, (iii) Instructional Media and (iv) Instructional Technology.  State the source/sources of your references.

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  1. Salam..can I know when and how we supposed to submit this assignment? post in our own blog or in form of hard copy?

  2. an other one more thing, can I write in Bahasa Malaysia or supposed to be in English?

  3. misstim says:

    salam, dr. utk tugasan 1 saya akan link dengan dr… kalau dr x dpt tgk, please get me know..huhu sy x berapa mahir lah dr….but i will try my best..=)

  4. Cikgu says:

    Dear MissTim,

    I have copied the URL for the abovementioned topic which is

    Now when you comment in my blog, first you would mention that this is the link to your assignment in your blog bla bla bla…

    at the mention of the link, u highlight the link like this one here and click the hiperlink icon/text.

    I will have to go to the manage comment site to do this here…let me try it should be link to u in a few seconds…insyaAllah

    BTW pls change your comment setting so all comments would go through without moderation. I have copied my comments in your blog here…note the “awaiting moderation” message.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Dear MissTim,
    Good work! It seems that u r the only one who completed the tutorial 1 task. Instead of penalizing others for this task I will add two bonus points towards your final overall grade. Meaning if you got 50/60 for your overall projects and 33/40 for your exam, I will add 2 points from your accumulated bonus points to upgrade your A- grade to A.

  5. ajis85 says:

    I finished my assignment atMy Blog Here.

  6. AFIQAH HAMZAH says:

    I’. just finishing this assignment DR!!..

  7. cikguchacha says:

    salam Dr. …
    I have difficulties on handling this blog… I don’t know how to link my blog to yours… Huhuhuhu…

  8. raluying says:

    dr,, sy dah try ciapkn assgmnt…sila bg tunjk ajar lg….baru nk pndai main ngn wordpressssss……nnt sy cube siapkn tugasan yg lain plk…time ksih dr,,,=D

  9. salam Dr..sorry to be late but i just finish my first reflection..i’m so sorry coz i must explore this wordpress fisrt…Frankly speaking, i don’t know anything about wordpress but i’m try to do the best even i’m still terkapai2..Anyway, this is my week 2 assignment.

  10. Miela Tahril says:

    salam, dr. ini refleksi saya untuk minggu ke-2. terima kasih ye 🙂

  11. sakinahkama says:

    salam ngah cyapkan wordpress..sorry sbb trlalu kene amek mase nk explore wordpress neh..huhu..xbiase…prlukn bnyak bimbingan lg..tq..=)

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