Dear Students,

This is the first draft of the SPSS E-Book I promised to upload before class but in it’s raw condition meaning you may find many typo and formatting errors.  Please do write any comments here about the instructional media so I can improve on it.  Although by then you will be second year students, your juniors will be using the better version that you contributed… it will become “ilmu yg bermanfaat”.

All the best.

p/s: here is the result of Penilaian e-Buku MS Access in pdf format or here in excel format.

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3 Responses to SPSS E-Book

  1. nurfarhana binti zainol abidin says:

    for me,,this spss book is quite difficult at first,,
    but, i do think its easy to learn…..

  2. slhow says:

    Dr, saya punye cd hanya copy sahaja dan tak burn, tapi saya dengar kawan kata mesti burn, dan saya pernah try buka di kom fpend dan ia boleh buka sebenarnya, tapi skrang saya bimbang tak dapat buka di kom cik aidah, jadi ada masalah ke jika saya copy sahaja? saya rasa saya guna window 7,dan saya copy cd tu di fpend..ada masalah ke sebenarnya?

  3. Cikgu says:

    Farhana: TQ so much Farhana, appreciate your comment. The earlier part is more into theory which you will learn in third year Asas Penyelidikan – that’s why it seems difficult in the beginning – we only focus on the application of computer in class @ the practical part.

    SLHOW: Make sure your contact number is on the CD, if we encounter problem to assess your work we will contact you.

    All the best in your exam.

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