2nd Announcement About Our Final Session

The 2pm group (Science)

Date: 18.10.2010
Time: Lab 3 at 2pm (Same place same time)

The 10am group (TESL)

Date : 18.10.2010
Time: Lab 3 at 4pm (Originally meets on Mondays at 10am-Lab 3)

Marking Scheme for Data Analysis with SPSS Project:

Data Collection           :  30%
1. Answering Online Questionnaire Before 18.10.2010 12am :    10%

2. Data Structure & Data Entry                                                   :    20%
3. Data analysis and results for question 1-9                             :    50%
–  Table/Graph
–  Conclusion drawn
4. Data analysis and results for question 10            (BONUS) :    20% + 10%
–  List of non-redundant emerging themes
identifying problems or improvement
need to be done to improve the E-Book
5.  Your conclusion drawn from the data                                   :    20%

I am writing another simple E-Book about data analysis using SPSS to help you with this project.  Will post it soonest possible hopefully before our meeting tomorrow.

Looking forward to seing all of you tomorrow 🙂

All the best,

Teacher Rosseni

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