Last Class for this Semester

Dear Students,

This monday shall be our last face-2-face meeting.  However, our lab will be occupied with activities (from 8am-12.30pm) in conjuction with the International Conference on Learner Diversity host by the faculty.

As such, there will be a slight change to our meeting this week as follows:

1. Prior to our meeting on monday, please fill up the MSAccess E-Book Evaluation questionnaire as posted in the previous post or click this link to fill up now.

2. I will print out result of the survey before 2pm Monday, insyaAllah.

3. We will meet at the lab and work in a group of 2-3 person.  First we will learn how to create the structure to key-in the survey result.  This will be done using the SPSS software.

4. Next we will learn how to key in results of the 9 questions on the MS Access E-Book Evaluation answered by all of you.

5.  Next you will key-in all questionnaire answered by all 48 students in Set 2 of GE1155 this semester.  You can do this on your own anywhere any place before next monday.

6.  After keying-in all 48 questionaires you will need to run and analyze the data to look at how many students prefer using the MS EBook as it is in the form of a softcopy E-Book or printed E-Book. In addition we will also find out how many prefer it to be a multimedia E-Book instead.

All the best and see you at 2pm Monday, please fill up the form soonest possible so that I will have ample time to print the result before 2 pm Monday.

I will upload lecture notes for this session hopefully by tomorrow so that those who have completed the project before monday need not atttend the class which I presumed would be rather full since the morning session students will be joining in.

BONUS: Analyze question 10 and provide a list of what need to be done to develop a helpful MSAccess instructional media.  Elaborate these points with your own thoughts.

Later then…

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23 Responses to Last Class for this Semester

  1. sarah says:

    salam dr. Rosseni,,

    I certainly can’t attend our class at 2 p.m on this monday as the time clashes with my linguistics lecture. Would you please start the class at 3 p.m as on that day, the whole TESL group will be having Linguistics lecture from 2p.m till 3 p.m .. Please consider this..

  2. eugeneqin says:

    Salam dr. Rosseni,
    Do we need to download the spss software?

  3. Cikgu says:

    Sarah: Sure Sarah. Thanks for the information. I will do the theory and demonstration part for the original 2pm Science group till about 3:30pm then at 3:30-5pm we shall have another session for the morning TESL group. How about that?

    Eugeneqin: You can complete this simple task in a group of three either at the lab or you may choose to install SPSS on your computer. It should not take you more than half an hour to key-in 48 questionnaires and if you know what to ask for it should take you less than 5 minutes to ask for descriptive output such as a graf displaying tabulation of students prefering printed, digital or multimedia MSAccess instructional/learning material. Please do consult me online or at my office Thursday 4-6pm with any of these SPSS questions.

    All the best

  4. eiqa_dooly says:

    salam Dr,,
    i am from pendidikan maths,,can’t attend the class at 2 pm because i have counselling class at that time,2pm till 4pm,,and also my friends,,so can we go after we finished the counselling class,,which means at 4 pm??

    thank you.

  5. Cikgu says:

    Well ok then. The 2pm group will meet as usual at 2pm and the morning session will meet at 4pm then.

    Any other problems please let me know ASAP.

    Only 11 had responded to the questionnaire about MS Access which consists of only 9 multiple choice questions and 1 open-ended question (like filling in the blank). This questionnaire was designed in such a way so you only need to spend about 5-10 minutes to fill it up.

    The original questionnaire from Cik Aidah or En Khalid was suppose to be 2 or 3 times longer. Although these 11 responses is enough for you to learn how to key in the data you still need at least a total of 50 to get a good descriptive results out of the data. In other words, the more the better and I presumed if all answered the question you shall get a nice graph out of it. Besides, there was a 30% marks for data collection (originally you had to go out to collect data from at least 50 respondents – now you only need to fill up one and the rest shall be collected from your coursemates from the morning and evening sessions on mondays).

  6. sarah says:

    so what’s the time for TESL group class dr? is it 3.30 or 4 p.m? any of it will be fine with us, InsyaAllah..

  7. Cikgu says:

    Dear Sarah, I think I have answered it in the most recent post… 🙂 – 4pm it is –

  8. Salam Dr,
    saya telah menjawab soalan Ms Access tersebut ^_^

    • Cikgu says:

      aah ye saya tak ambil nama kan? Boleh sebenarnya kalau saya nak tahu tapi rumit. Jadi oleh kerana saya tak ambil nama kita batal kriteria tu tambah 10% pada bonus question. Saya akan edit kriteria tersebut. TQ!

  9. manisah Bt Omar says:

    salam….Dr,saya telah menjawab soalan Ms acess tersebut…tapi..mcmner nak tahu saya dah ic ke belum,sedangkan tidak minta no matrik atau nama pelajar yang jawab pon..

  10. surayamohdnapi says:

    salam..doktor..tolong saya….hehe..
    psal excel tu kan,saya x tau mcm mna nk isi gred ke dlm jadual yg kita sediakan tu..saya da ada jadual yg markah2 ngan gred, sy x phm kwn aja sbb mostly dorang x ingt ble tnya depan2..ada yg cakap gna vlookup tu,ada aja IF..tapi saya try x nk blaja sgt2 excel tu..hari tu xmsuk kls.tq..

    • Cikgu says:

      Suraya, mesej ni untuk pensyarah excel awak kan? Cik aidah tak baca WP ni cuba copy paste balik mesej su tu dan emel pada dia. Setahu saya isi markah tu mmg guna vlookup.

  11. slhow says:

    Dr, macammana saya nak anta cd tu? anta kpd dr ke cik aidah? mana biliknya?
    dan kom sy tak dapat buka spss tu, macammana nak burn dlm cd?
    terima kasih dr.

    • Cikgu says:

      Hantar kepada Cik Aidah. Datang Pusat Pendidikan Kepelbagaian Pelajar (PKP) tanya En Md Din di ruang pejabat di mana bilik Cik Aidah. Ringkasnya kalau dah masuk PKP, cari pintu belakang -> keluar -> cari toilet lelaki di sebelahnya bilik Cik Aidah.

  12. suraya says:

    tq dr..:)

  13. wanie says:

    salam Dr. .nk tnya…yg psl spss…nak analisis data..rezult utk soalan 2 ktorg xde coz Dr ckp nk upload kt blog ari 2….so macam mane yer???

  14. slhow says:

    Thanks Dr^^

  15. slhow says:

    Dr, how about if i juz copy d cd n didnt ‘burn’ it? i do the copy cd job in makmal 3 at fpend, however, it can be open on other kom on fpend eventhough i didn’t burn it. But i hear my frien say it must be burn or else cannot b open in other kom? i scare cannot open n i cannot get d mark T.T

  16. Cikgu says:

    well as long as we are able to open and assess your work, no problem.

  17. salam..
    saya lupa nak cakap.
    saya telah menjawab MS access

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