Project #3 GE1155 Computer in Education: Assignment and Activity for Week 5 & 6

Dear students,

As some of you have known, today is the convocation day for your seniors from FPEND.  As such the lecturers will be attending it this afternoon.  Nevertheless, the morning class will still be held as usual and will be conducted by Cik Aidah.  Those from the evening session are encouraged to attend the morning session otherwise please refer to this posting for further instruction on how to accomplish your project #3 assignment.

Basically you have completed the activities needed to start up this assignment last week with Cik Aidah.  This week, still in the same group, create an INFORMATIVE, CREATIVE and ATTRACTIVE brochure on (i) how to seek articles from online databases in our Tun Sri Lanang library and (ii) how to read those articles critically.  Please use your experience from our previous class on searching information and reading an article critically and create a foldable brochure (up to your imagination, e.g., 2-fold, 3-fold or 4-fold).  The three most informative, creative and attractive brochures of course will receive excellent marks but most interestingly, a little creative gift will also be given to the winners by none other then your beloved Miss Aidah.

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19 Responses to Project #3 GE1155 Computer in Education: Assignment and Activity for Week 5 & 6

  1. zurainne says:

    we will try our best to do the assignment..

  2. nurfarhana zainol abidin says:

    we’ll try to do it……..the best way that we can.

  3. Cikgu says:

    Good for you! And do your best mana tau kot-kot Cik Aidah nak bagi duit raya, boleh la compensate kesedihan tak dapat PTPTN tu…jgn sedih2 banyak rezeki dari pintu2 lain yg Allah buka menjelang ramadhan ni. SElamat menyambut Ramadhan Kareem surainne, farhana dan rakan2 semua! C U all next week insyaAllah.

  4. Tai Pei Si says:

    hahahaha… prof”s reply to Zura and Farhana is so cute.
    Happy to see that>.<

  5. Rozaidah says:

    We’ve done our assignment!
    And we’ve sent it to Cik Aidah.

  6. hasiymah says:

    yeah yeah 🙂 nak duet raye ! dah la x dapat duit ptptn . huahua . insya allah kami akan buad yang terbaik . hihi ❤

  7. yeah ! saye pon xdapat duet ptptn tue . huhu insya allah , we will try our best to do the assignment ❤

  8. Cikgu says:

    Pei Si: meant for u too, being a muslim that’s how we always answer but GOD is universal, He belongs to all believers, He is most gracious and most benevolent 🙂
    Rozaidah: cepatnya!
    Hasiymah and Alia: jadilah anak angkat Cik Aidah… 🙂

  9. Rozaidah says:

    Not really : P,
    we really done the 1st part at class,
    but we redo it after looking back at the assesment requirement,
    that we’ve left the 2nd part of the assignment.
    We were so reckless back then,trying to finish up our work A.S.A.P…
    (patutla rs siap cepat sgt…rs cm pelik je)
    We’ll be sending it again to Cik Aidah pretty soon after we get a
    total agreement from our group members.
    We need them to confirm about the final work.
    I just hope that it’ll be fine,then the problem’s solved…*sweatdrop*
    ok,selamat menyambut ramadhan al-mubarak

  10. peksitai says:

    haha.. nicenya, prof….^^ like it…>.<

  11. hello dr.
    i’ve post our project 3 on my blog.

    thank you 🙂

  12. Cikgu says:

    i saw it in your blog, excellent!

  13. Rozaidah says:

    Salam dr,
    I tried to attach the brochure on my my blogpage,but it doesn’t support pub documents because we used Microsoft Publisher to make the brochure.
    So should I change the format into PDF?

  14. Rozaidah says:

    Okay,I’ve did change the format,so please feel fre to browse through my blogpage
    Anyway,I’m selling raya cookies,
    are you interested?
    See more in my latest post… ;D

  15. anees89 says:

    salam,DR..erm…sebenarnye saye dah siap lame dah wat refleksi untuk brochure,tp tertangguh nak linkkan kat snie…ni alamt email saye…

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