Project 1 and Project 2 Uploaded in SPIN

Dear Students,

I have change my file types and both assignments have now been uploaded in SPIN. I shall distribute a sign up sheet very soon and each student will have to state their preference as to whether u want to submit in SPIN or in your own blog. Either way, for the blog assignment which started during the second week of the academic calender and ends in the 14th week, you will still have to do your weekly reflections as mentioned during the class session about 2 weeks ago.

As for the second assignment, please READ carefully and do the assignment accordingly as far as you understand it. You can include various references BUT at least one must be a scholarly article taken from a journal article, proceedings or a chapter in a book available on the Internet. The article can also be taken from any other source on the net profided it has an author and publisher.

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6 Responses to Project 1 and Project 2 Uploaded in SPIN

  1. rahilah binti haron says: saya sebenarnya masih kurang faham mengenai project 1..boleh jelaskan dengan lebih detail?im really appreciate it teacher..

  2. Cikgu says:

    Sila lihat contoh tugasan yang telah disiapkan oleh Fathin

  3. rahilah binti haron says:

    thankz..mesti nk kene siap esok ke??honestly..saya x dapat siapkn..takut..)=

  4. elyn74 says:

    Salam Dr,
    Saya sudah siapkan tugasan 1 dan 2. Saya dah cuba upload menggunakan SPIN tapi file tak boleh upload. Tugasan 1 dan 2 ada di blog saya di's Blog
    Terima kasih

  5. Salam Dr,saya terpaksa menukar tajuk yang saya dapat iaitu Impak Web2.0 dalam Pendidikan kepada Keselamatan Internet kerana artikel dan maklumat yang sukar untuk dicari.Ini tugasan yang telah saya siapkan.Saya berharap Dr berpuas hati..

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