Project 1 and 2

Dear students,

Since many of you prefer SPIN I had tried to upload what we had in WordPress last night till the early morning today but to no avail since my file type is not supported by SPIN.  You can wait till i manage to change my file type or retrieve it from the course blog at  Just to remind those who prefer not to open wordpress that one of the course outcome is that students should be able to gain the skill of developing courses via wordpress or blogspot or any other blog platforms.  When you get your postings in Malaysian schools, they most probably won’t have SPIN and you will have to resort to using free blogs or content management system if you would like to be a teacher with an added advantage.  You do have an option of not to integrate e-learning in your teaching.  The choice is yours.  Sure I can provide both platforms.  Will have both project instruction on SPIN very2 soon.


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23 Responses to Project 1 and 2

  1. salam..doktor,i am still fail in searching the information about security and computer’s maintenance security..i am clueless about this me…thanz,salam

  2. cikgu says:

    asri, just choose one of the other 9 topics and let me know so i can change in my record.

    • asriukm says:

      saya ada masalah dengan blog saya,wktu sy publish assignment ke 4 sy,ia muncul di blog nany osman 5689..saya dah wat peta minda tp di atas kertas krn x taw guna software.saya juga x taw nk upload peta minda..saya takut x sempat siapkn assignment ini..tlg saya

  3. Cikgu says:

    oh ya teringat saya nany osman tu sesi pukul 2-5pm..dia terus masuk wordpress, ubah2 lepas tu baru perasan laman wordpress tu kepunyaan asri yang didak logout masa keluar dari makmal.

    sekarang asri masukkan nama blog dan login dengan userid dan password sendiri tengok kat dashboard bahagian seting samada nany ada buat perubahan lain…jika ada taip balik maklumat asal. Maklumkan pada saya jika tak berjaya jika ok hanya perlu masukkan pengalaman ini beserta refleksi untuk posting minggu ke-3 dan ke-4

    peta minda tu boleh simpan dulu, nnt bila kita bertemu lagi pada minggu kita belajar power point iaitu pada minggu ke-7 dan ke-8 saya tunjukkan bagaimana memasukkan peta minda tu ke dalam wordpress. Sebelum itu bawa peta minda itu ke makmal yang ada scanner dan minta bantuan juruteknik scan peta minda dan save dalam format .gif atau jpeg.

  4. tashigi90 says:

    Dr ,
    I’m Rozaidah.
    I’ve done my work.
    Please take a look at it.
    I just hope that I can do some corrections before I can really submit it.
    Thank you.

  5. tashigi90 says:

    when will you be needing the refleksi(s)?
    Are you going to collect them at the end of the course?

    • Cikgu says:

      You need to write the reflections at least once a week. As mentioned in class, the blog needs to consist of your weekly reflections on what you have learn and do to complete your projects. I will be reading it every now and then. Marks will be given accordingly.

      Basically your reflection is fine. You will just need to read your articles regarding the topic given and make a review (a critical summary of what you have read) or a mind map with short explanation.

  6. mohd asri says:

    saya dah cuba ubah tapi x boleh jugak…tetap macam tu jugak…

  7. lyndvesper says:

    salam dr.
    I’m sorry for the lateness and all the inconvenience.I’m done my assignment although i know im late to posting it.The reason is,i dont know how to use the blog and im honestly blurred about the assignment.Im so sorry dr…….i promise to be more competent next time.Hope dr will tolerate with my stupidity.Here the link ‎.

  8. nurfarhana zainol abidin says: ‎.im sorry.again.forgot to log out as lyndvesper.

  9. salam Dr..

    what should i do if i want to put some pictures in my blog??…i don’t have even the faintest idea on how should i do it…..=(..

    • Cikgu says:

      Go to the link named wordpress in my computer education blog at and click at the appropriate lesson to learn about putting pictures in your blog

  10. salam..dr.saya dah boleh wat assignment n post di depan blog saya…jadi saya dah siapkan assignment saya…dr. boleh rujuk di

  11. surayamohdnapi says:

    slm…sorry 4 being so late teacher..baru buat sndiri punya.pada saya penggunaan spin dan facebook mmg bermanfaat.melalui 2 saluran ni saya dapat tahu maklumat even kdg2 terlambat.:-) thanx sbb kat sini sy lbh tahu tentang pgunaan ict dalam pembelajaran.

  12. salam..
    A133133 , TESL 1st Year..
    i have upload my project 2..
    hope everyhing are alright..

  13. assalamualaikum…sy student clas jam 10-1..maaf lmbt ckgu, bg sy penggunaan spin lebih baik drpd facebook. students lbh kerap membuka laman spin utk tujuan upload nota, tutorial etc. di sana mereka lbh menumpukan pd bhn2 yg di update olh pensyarah..jika melalui facebook, students are more concentrte on their interaction wit their friends.. its sometimes disturbing them from proceed wit their lesson.. thats all..tq

  14. nuraidahamid says:

    salam,,sory late post,,got problem,,
    actually,,i’m still blur about this,,not really get it,,
    for me,,i’ll prefer both,,spin n facebook,,
    both has their own pro-cont,,
    so,,it can complete each other,,that all,,thank

  15. tashigi90 says:

    I’m sorry for the incovenience.
    Why did I ever try using my surname for tthis blog OwO?
    My real name is Rozaidah binti Zainudin
    A134015. I’m truly sorry Dr…XP

  16. ain0712 says:

    i have finish my assignment. i hope you will accept my assignment even i was late for one day. Nur Ain Syakira bt Ahmad Bastamam. A132421.

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