Lecture Week#14

Well…this post is in response to Jess’s inquiry as to whether of not there will be a class tomorow?

what do u think?

I suppose many would cheer like crazy if i say there will be no F2F meeting tomorrow…

on the other hand who would think that i would feel the way i do now, i sure think it’s weird to feel the way i do now… alas tomorrow is our last meeting and for whatever reason, an instructor’s feeling  is not a valid reason to have or not to have a F2F meeting tomorrow.

let’s see what’s on the course structure

meaning? there shall be no F2F meeting, it wouldn’t be fair if i said there is a F2F meeting just because i feel like meeting you for the last time before our exam.

thus, there will be no compulsary lecture tomorow, HOWEVER i will be there in Dewan Budiman to answer any questions regarding your assignments and to collect assignments for my tutorial class.  I will also be distributing a rubric regarding how you feel about the individual and project assignments given and as to whether or not it has given any impact in your learning process.  I would appreciate it if you could sincerely fill it up.  I know nobody is perfect.  I may not be a good presenter but i would feel relief if i know you had learn something from the course. I apologize for any weaknesses in delivering it and would appreciate it if you could point that out in the rubric/open ended questionnaire.  Hopefully if i am given a chance to teach the course again in future, i would be able to improve and make a difference in my student’s learning experience.

Till then all d best.  Hope to see you again if not tomorrow, on the exam day.

Maat taufiq wannajah fi imtihan.  Wahayyiklanaminamrina rasyada.

hanya dengan mengingatiNya hati akan menjadi tenang

when answering the essay question in your final exam please fill up at least half page of your answer sheet with some logical answer…no answer is incorrect but please nothing out of this world……..

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7 Responses to Lecture Week#14

  1. Jess says:

    Hi Dr Rosseni….Thanks for the confirmation! It is fun attending your lecture and hope that can see you soon 🙂
    Thanks again 🙂

  2. shazlien says:

    yup! i like the way u teach n i don’t think u have any weaknesses..=)

    u give full support to ur students eventhough we r not that good.. thanks ummi..

    thanks for everything


  3. Liz o(^^)o says:

    Dear Dr. R, 🙂

    Sorry for replying so late. But I want to thank you for everything. Seeing how much you care for your students and how much you go through for us, I feel warmed and appreciated. Thank you so much for everything ! This course has been interesting. I have learned a thing or two especially the use of WordPress. 🙂

    Thank you Dr. R. I appreciate everything you’ve done for us ! You’re such a good-hearted person 😛

    Take care !!!

    • Cikgu says:

      Dear Liz,

      Thanks to you too. It was the first time i taught GE2153 and you were all very patient with my “hiccups”. I really appreciate all the experience and patience. All the best for your final exam.

      • Liz o(^^)o says:

        Thank you very much Dr. Hope we will be able to do well for the paper tomorrow. Hope we will not disappoint you? >.< Will try our best ! *prays hard*
        Hope to see you around ! 🙂 hehe

  4. dweeyen says:

    thank you very much dr rosseini~i too have found your lessons interesting and inspiring, esp that video about how x everyone likes to go to school bt the fact remains that everyone likes to learn! it made me rethink abt the way schools & teachers should be like…so that everyone will enjoy learning. am keeping fingers crossed for the finals. thx 4 d wishes =)

  5. Cikgu says:

    Dear Jess,

    Thanks for your support. All the best for the exam tomorrow but i will be out of UKM. If u have any question during exam just feel free to ask any of the lecturers/tutors. 🙂

    Dear Shazlien,

    Thanks dear, you too have always given support to your teacher even though she\s not that good 🙂 Good luck for tomorrow…

    Dear Dweeyen,

    I am glad to hear that, it sure motivates me to search for more interesting clips. All my best for the exam tomorrow. 🙂

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