GE2153 Lecture #13: Educational Technology In a Nutshell

I had prepared this lecture notes- Educational Technology to hopefully help you revise for your upcoming exam.

Dr Arbaat have yet to give me his power point notes for week #11 and week #12.  As such I will post my lecture notes for week #13 first.  This lecture is suppose to be held tomorrow but I am still here in Egypt till Saturday.  So please review my notes which I had briefly demonstrated it during week #10 when I substituted Dr. Arbaat as he was away for a conference overseas.

Happy reading!

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8 Responses to GE2153 Lecture #13: Educational Technology In a Nutshell

  1. shazlien says:

    thanks a lot Ummi.. 🙂
    oooo..pegi Egypt rupenyer..hehe
    have a safe journey back to our beloved malaysia!

  2. Jess says:

    So, Dr, there is no lecture 2mr?

  3. Joy says:

    UMMI~~ i nak postcard dari Egypt boleh tak? 😀 kalau nak bagi gula2 egypt or bracelete pun boleh juga… pyramid pun boleh juga.. hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahah… HAVE FUN UMMI!!!!!! don’t forget me here~~ hahaahahahah..

  4. Cikgu says:

    Alien: thanks dear
    Jess: aah..takde class
    Joy: pergi bertugas la Joy hari2 ada je perkara yang perlu diurus dan selesaikan; nak balik hari ni baru free tapi kedai tutup orang solat Jumaat. Then again petang ni before bertolak ke airport will try to shop around town.

    Hehe…gotcha…korang semua mesti tak perasan kan..ppt yang dimaksudkan terlupa nak diupload. But it’s there now. Baca before exam kalau tak sempat sekarang pun!

  5. khersing says:

    Dr, i would like to ask, what language are we supposed to use in answering those questions in exam? can i use both english and malay?

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  7. justnaim says:

    Ummi Terbaek…!!!

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