Multimedia Group Project – Early Report for Tutorial 1 & 2

analysis form – G1A
Dear all,

Attached is a sample report (incomplete phase II & III though!) for tutorial#1 & tutorial#2. The report was based on the online lecture delivered for lecture#1 and lecture#2. You need to turn in the complete report soonest possible (latest by first week of February). You shall start your group project as soon as you get a positive feedback on the report from your tutors.

All d best 🙂

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4 Responses to Multimedia Group Project – Early Report for Tutorial 1 & 2

  1. noramaia says:

    Ummi thanks for the editing(our group report) and we will make sure all six of us able to complete the phase. We’re already work on our project. Thank you so much also for the new venue for our lec. Much better than before.

  2. UmmI says:

    Dear Maia,

    No worries, it was my pleasure 🙂

    […to edit EARLY submissions of assignments – especially those submitted not for grading purposes – well not early enough actually but it was the EARLIEST] 😀

  3. Yes, Dr. Rosseni, really want to thank you for obtaining DBudiman for our lecture. Feels soooooo much better ! Thank you 🙂

  4. UmmI says:

    you’re very much welcome dear, it was my pleasure to be of help 😀 well actually En Mansor the technician did most of the negotiation …

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