Lecture #4

During this lecture, another two multimedia presentation will be presented using mainly still pictures, text, audio and visual effects. You will be instructed to discuss and write a project proposal report for your group project (You may use the form in page 6 of the notes given in lecture#2 on how to develope a multimedia project). The report shall be presented to your tutor for approval so you can start doing the project soonest possible.

As mentioned earlier, those already have a wordpress blog do not need to attend lecture #4 since we will be conducting the lecture in the same small room at GM2. Basically we will be discussing about Blog Development: Why WordPress. Just proceed to your tutorial room. This nota wordpress GE2153 lecture#4“>link should be able to guide you with the wordpress registration nota wordpress GE2153 lecture#4.

Other lecture materials for this week can be found in the WP page link on top of this posting on the top right corner. Other WordPress tutorials by various people sharing their experiences on how to create a professional wordpress site can be found in other links under the Computer Education categories.


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4 Responses to Lecture #4

  1. Edmond says:

    If i already created the wordpress, i don’t need to go to lecture class?

  2. UmmI says:

    yes i will sign up the attendance list on ur behalf because we had a limited seat in the class (there were about 100 of us to fit 60 seats in GM2). However, En Mansor have negotiated on our behalf with Dr Halim and Dr Aderi so next week lecture by Major Jasmy will be on as usual in Dewan Budiman at 8-9am. Hope to see all of u there! 🙂


  3. shazlynn077 says:

    yeay! now i can enjoy fresher air!
    thanks ummi for making our class a lot more comfartable.. 😉

  4. Cikgu says:

    alin, the pleasure is mine 🙂 glad to hear that!

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