New Place or/and Time for GE2153 Lecture

Dear Students and Colleages (Lecturers/Tutors for GE2153)

I will have to leave for a 4 days workshop in KL. Will try to update the tutorial list by Monday. As u all have been informed by now, GM2 can only accommodate 60 students but there were at least 100 of us there this morning for Lecture#3 (our first face-to-face meeting).

As such, please response as to whether u prefer to change the lecture room elsewhere outside the faculty but maintain Friday 8-9am or would u rather change the lecture to night session and have it at DTAMS. Please respond soonest possible.


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13 Responses to New Place or/and Time for GE2153 Lecture

  1. zyra says:

    ummi…i think night class would be juz fine…hehehe

  2. Cikgu says:

    how about the rest? If it’s alright by the students i will need to have the consent of Cik Aidah, Major Jasmy and Dr. Arbaat too…so far two of them would prefer not to have night session due to other commitment…

  3. izat says:


    wah..wah posting berinfomatif, menarik. dijemput ziarah blog saya…

    jazakallah khair

  4. siaw lee says:

    ckg, then dewan budiman can be use? is at fpend….can negotiate more easier?

  5. vishalini says:

    i would prefer 8-9am on friday.It would b better if v can change the venue instead of the time..thnk u ckg

  6. hidayat says:

    umi..i would prefer if we could only change the venue instead of changing the time…why dont we use dewan budiman for our lecture then???

  7. Alia Hamidi says:

    If possible, I personally would prefer the same time, a different place. As the others have mentioned, Dewan Budiman, if it’s not occupied at that particular time, would be great.

    – Alia

  8. Same here. I think the Fri 8-9am slot is good enough for me. No night classes please. I fear traveling at night, alone >.<
    Please, can we not get another room for our lectures? Some of us looked reallllyyyy uncomfortable.
    Dr, please do try to get another room instead. Thank you 🙂


  9. Cikgu says:

    After a week of deliberation, we finally reached a consensus. There’s only zyra, me, cik aidah, dr arbaat, siaw lee, vshalini, hidayat, alia and lisa. The verdict is to stick on 8-9am Friday.

    …according to Pn Hafzham, we don’t have a room big enough to accomodate all of us. Tomorrow En. Mansor will negotiate with Dr. Halim/Dr. Aderi (Dewan Budiman) if they would be able to switch with us (GM 2) starting not tomorrow but next Friday. Otherwise, starting next week we will have to travel a bit far to maybe FSSK or other lecture rooms elsewhere yet to be determined by Pn Hafzam.

    In the mean time, those who already own a wordpress blog – u need not come to lecture tomorrow. We’ll meet in the tutorial sessions 9-11am for group 1 & 2 and next week for other groups.

    Later then…

  10. wendyycl says:

    i agree with the rest. no night classes because v have our own commitments at night. thank u

  11. Jd says:

    i think at night would suit very well 🙂 since we have so many people in 1 class

  12. Cikgu says:

    Thanks for your input Jd. So we’ll see how it goes at Dewan Budiman tomorrow. 🙂

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