Lecture #1 GE2153

 Minggu   Topik  Pensyarah  Tutorial/Aktiviti



Cuti umum – kuliah dan tutorial dilaksanakan secara dalam talian


Orientasi kursus secara dalam talian.

Jangkaan kursus secara dalam talian (kuliah & tutorial)

Pendaftaran dan muat turun struktur kursus
/bahan kuliah/ tutorial dalam talian melalui
sistem SPIN atau pautan
blog kursus di rosseni.wordpress.com

 Rosseni Din  Pendaftaran  kumpulan
tutorial secara dalam talian (emel/forum di blog kursus)Perbincangan dalam talian di https://rosseni.wordpress.comKuliah/aktiviti berdasarkan
posting bertajuk Lecture #1 GE2153bacaan untuk tutorial minggu ini:http://www.shortcourses.com/workflow/workflow1-0a.html

Dear students,

As you have been well informed, 25.12.09 is a public holiday.  Thus we will conduct our activities for the first lecture  here online.

Dr. Ariff will be coordinating the Set 1 group and I will be coordinating the Set 2 group and the overall course.  I have created the course outline in BM and  will translate them into BI later if needed for the Set 2 group.   The first activity need to be done in lecture #1 is to download the course outline, read through and understand what is expected from you in terms of the learning outcome, project assignments and exam.

Next, we need to create 8 tutorial groups consisting of 10-13 students in each group.  Thus far I have created 2 groups from suggestions received among the first year students.  Both or at least one of the tutorials will be be held on Friday mornings right after lecture (8-9 lecture ; 9-11am tutorial).  One will be handled by myself, the other by Cik Aidah. 

All finalized tutorial groups will be posted in the GE2153 link page on the top right hand corner.  This is the same location where u will download your course outline.  Therefore, all tutorial group leaders need to submit their group names with suggested times available to the respective lecturer and cc: to me.  The respective lecturers will decide which time is best for them and you need to finalize that with them before the next lecture.  Please contact them by e-mail or find them in their office (call them first) for further discussion.

Thank you.  Please feel free to inquire about the course via this platform or email.


Tutors for  Set  2:

1. Pn. Rosseni Din (1 group) ;Tel:  8921-6555, E-mel:  rosseni@yahoo.com

2. Major  Mohd Jasmy Abdul Rahman (2 groups); E-mel:  E-mel:  mjasmy@ukm.my   

 3. Dr. Arbaat Hassan (1 group); Tel: 8921-6286; E-mel:  arbaat@yahoo.com

 4. Cik Aidah Abdul Karim (4 groups); Tel:  8921-6555, E-mel:  fakeh2000@yahoo.com

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2 Responses to Lecture #1 GE2153

  1. Cikgu says:

    Dear students,
    As of 28.12.09, I have managed to get the technicians to install video and graphic editors in Lab 3 and 4. As such we will be conducting our tutorials in those labs. I haven’t got a response from Major Jasmy and Dr. Arbaat yet as to when would they like to offer their tutorial sessions. However the tutorial sign up list have been posted on the bulletin board ourside of the technicians’ room near lab 3 & 4 and tutorial time and place for group 1-5 have been confirmed as follows:

    Group1: Lab 3 Fridays 9-11am
    Group2: Lab 4 Fridays 9-11am
    Group3: Lab 4 Thursdays 9-11am (Cik Aidah)
    Group4: Lab 4 Thursdays 11-1am (Cik Aidah)
    Group5: Lab 4 Mondays 9-11am (En. Yusuf)
    Group6: Lab 3/4 – Dr. Arbaat
    Group7: Lab 3/4 – Major Jasmy
    Group8: Lab 3/4 – Major Jasmy

    Please sign up in one of those sessions. Next Friday will be another public holiday. Please login to this blog for that 2nd week’s class activity as we won’t be having a face-to-face lecture. The first face-to-face lecture will be lecture 3 in GM 2 and by then I expect everybody have already sign-up for their tutorial group and elect a class representative as tutorial sessions will start the following week.

  2. Cikgu says:

    Dear students,

    As of 31.12.09, i have 2 updated sign-up list and the latest course outline attached in the 2153 page.

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