GE1155: Double Period Class 11.6.09 and 12.6.09

Dear Students,

As you know, we had skipped the class during the balik kampung week for hari raya and next week we shall start thinking of finalizing all the project assignments and review for the exam.  As such, this week we should finish up the SPSS project by having a double period class as scheduled below.  I have ordered breakfast before 9 and lunch by 12, so please help yourself if you see food on the table outside Lab 5 while waiting for the rest to come.  If you get your work done earlier, please have lunch first before you leave the lab. Those who have class during the make-up hours please find a partner to work with and share with you what u missed, later when u can make it to class.

Science Group: 9am – 2pm, Wednesday 7th Oct 2009  (class rep: Mohd Hafizul Azrie Othman).
TESL Group: 9am – 2pm, Thursday 8th Oct 2009 (class rep: Ku Mohd Azrie B. Ku Azizan)

The SPSS Project:

Last week, each of you who attended the class had filled up a questionaire on Technology Use for first year students in the faculty.  Based on your own experience filling up the questionnaire, you were given an additional 15 questionaires to experience the process of administering data collection.  Those who were absent but still want to participate in this second part of the project, can find me in Lab 4 tonight (Tuesday 8-11pm) to pick up the 15 questionnaires to be filled up by other first year students in the faculty before the next class.  Our next task tomorrow will be (1) defining variables for each item in the questionnaire (25%), (2) key in (25%) the data collected from the 15 questionnaires (25%), and (3) run the descriptive statistics functions such as Frequency to clean your data and get Frequency Graph for any of the variables (25%).

Those who were absent last week and did not contact me via sms, YM or email to get the questionnaires or fail to collect them from me before, after or during my class tonight in my room or during my class in lab 4 for your data collection exercise, will still be able to pick up marks tomorrow from activity 1  (25%) and 3 (25%).

I am at UIAM now since yesterday and shall be back in UKM by 8pm tonight (hopefully,  if I manage to beat the traffic jam which I plan to…).   Catch me in my room before my class starts at 8pm in lab 4.  If you come from the technician’s room or the corridor in between the labs, my room will be on your left.  I will try to be there earlier maybe around 7.45pm or right before or after maghrib.  I will leave the questionnaires, insyaallah with someone by 8pm  before leaving for my class in Lab 4.   If you can’t make it by then come and see me in Lab 4.  I shall leave the faculty by 11pm or so.

All the best.


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12 Responses to GE1155: Double Period Class 11.6.09 and 12.6.09

  1. luke kenny says:

    alright madam. i’ll inform my course mate about time changes for our class.

  2. Cikgu says:

    thank you dear, appreciate it very much. See u thursday morning then 🙂

  3. seri says:

    salaam.. umi, im sorry but i think i nver know about the questionnaire and u didnt tell us in our last class before the raya holiday. im with the science group in wednesday. so what about us ?

  4. UmmI says:

    SEri, remember last week’s class? I talked about the questionnaires in last week’s class on Wednesday, the 30th of September, after the hari raya holidays with only two attendees, Maisarah and Sakinah. I had problem retrieving the questionnaires from my pendrive so i called the technician to tell you (my science group scheduled for 11-2pm) to “wait for me until i come back from the photostat shop just outside UKM”.

    As i told you before, if i can’t make it on time but does not cancel the class, u should do your work in the lab, at least your weekly reflection on the blog. I managed to get another copy of the file from home and went back to the shop to make enough copies. I was rather dissapointed to see only Maisarah and Sakinah waited for me as was told by the technician. We had a brief session and they should have 40 questionnaires by tomorrow. We shall use their data for tomorrow’s class. I am still in my room at the faculty preparing for tomorrow’s class but it is rather late for you to pick up or even administer it now. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. We shall use Sakinah’s or Maisarah’s data to generate some descriptive data as required in the course outline.

  5. siaw lee says:

    ckg, each of us hv 15 responden, if we just copy like 8 ppl frm frenz, can?

  6. UmmI says:

    to meet the requirement of 20 respondents as set by Dr. Siti your course coordinator sure but maintain the ID given to you and your friend so I will know whose respondents does the record belongs to. All the best 🙂

  7. zyra says:

    bout the spps thing..kirah, afiq and i merge our all means we have to fill those 45 data in one page right? no need to make a copy for each one of us?

  8. luke kenny says:

    ummi, do we have to email you the SPSS assignment to u? can u give me the email address because i lost the email adress that u have given us. btw, i have upload the file on my blog.. 🙂

  9. Cikgu says:

    zyra: yes, when you do group work you can just submit one file but the amount of work should reflect more than a person’s work though. For example you will need to create more than 5 graphs as required for others.

    luke: i saw the file in your blog. yes, you need to email the assignment since it is not required to be compile with other assignments for grading purposes. BTW, your wordpress blog does not allow comments to appear automatically. Meaning all comments have to wait for your approval before it can appear for public viewing. Was that none on purpose?

    • lukekenny says:

      ummi, the setting for comment approval was done purposely by me. because i want to monitor all the comment. hehehe.. do u want me to just allow comment to automatically be approved or just stay on the current setting??

  10. siaw lee says:

    ummi…i already send d spss via mail.
    my spss gt abt 31 responden after combne wif frens, n i get the output also.
    do the output need to send also?

  11. UmmI says:

    siaw lee and kenny:

    If i am not mistaken you dont need to save the SPSS assignments in the CD, hence you will need to send it together with the data in order for me to give marks for the descriptive graphs.

    All the best in your exams.

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