Thinking Out Loud: For my Six LI students

Last week Wan Izzati contacted me saying that she was one of my LI student, then Linda.  I set up an appointmentment to meet at Gerbang Minda last Wed but they waited for me at Gerak Minda.  Anyhow.   Izzati had a rather long YM conversation with me  a few nights back and I think she has got the big picture of what need to be done within the impossible time frame.  I myself have cook up some ideas and materials so we will still manage and accomplish the impossible mission – an authentic research within a 6 weeks time frame.  Well u need to do what u have to do, so let’s get to work.

(1) Now, I am giving each of you a MINT Version 5.2 questionnaire so:

– u need not have to come up with a questionnaire on ur own

– u do not have to spend a few hours digging for one

– most importantly, it will save u at least a week running the pilot test.  You can just report the reliability of the questionnaire as in (2)

(2) I am giving u the reliability coefficient of each variable from  the questionnaire as follows:

For the assessment of reliability, the instrument was administered  to 213 respondents mostly  from TESL and SCIENCE program who had attended courses enganging the Hybrid E-Training method.  Results are as follows:

overall reliability coefficient for:

section B (Meaningful E-Training) = .88

section C (Hybrid E-Training)          = .93

section D (Learning Style)                 = .89

(3) What u need to do now:

– make at least another 50 copies of the questionnaire each.

– get together at least 50 students each who have attended a course using the hybrid method (a combination of teaching and learning process involving a combination of various media for teaching an learning such as the computer mediated communication, web-based materials, CD-based materials, the conventional printed media such as books, handouts and modules.  In addition, the course should also use diferent method for delivery – other then chalk and talk.)

to be continued…

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4 Responses to Thinking Out Loud: For my Six LI students

  1. linda says:

    we need more details bout dis please…

  2. Cikgu says:

    i guess it has been elaborated in our meeting last week and the week b4…hope it helps. See you in a couple days then. Ramadhan Kareem.

  3. salam…
    do u still remember me?one of ur students for CCTS
    i hope it’s still not too late for me to wish
    “Happy Eid Mubarak”…forgive all my mistakes
    by the way, this is my new blog…

  4. Cikgu says:

    i remember your name but not the face. if i remember the face i usually forget the name but if i can see your face now i am sure i will remember u dear. Eid mubarak to u too. 🙂

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