Week 6: MS Access

Let’s recap what we’ve done first thus far:

Week 1 : Introduction, register e-mail & e-group

Week 2: Register blog & FB

Week 3: Computer Literacy

Week 4: MS Power Point

Week 5 & 6: MS Word and MS Publisher

Week 6 & 7: MS Access

This week we shall start on a new venture using the MS Access application to create a database of your imaginery students or better still, create a database of all your friends, current and previously were your classmates whether those  in your matriculation program, high school or primary. 

You can review the tutorial for MS Access via this link for all tutorials under MS Office 2000 or via this link for tutorials on MS Office 2007.   Look for these links under the first category 1. Computer & ICT …(it is on the right hand sight column of the screen facing u!)

* (new addition to this post  – 11am 13.8.09)

As you were doing your work just now, I went to lab 3 next door to meet Dr. Siti your course coordinator.  New info about your exam are as follows:

– student need to be active in any e-group in order to be able to answer final exam questions about  communication mediated by the computer particularly e-group, e-forum and the like.  You need to know the function of a moderator (like what is Ku’s responsibility as the moderator/administrator of the group). 

-U also need to know the etiquettes to keep a “healthy” active group going.

-another aspect we haven’t talk about while registering for FB earlier is about the”Komuniti Opensource UKM”.  She suggested that students join this FB so they will be familiar with the open source concepts.  There will be a few questions about the open source systems.

– You will need to know about operating system, file management (how to manage files in your secondary storage) and etiquette on the net (Refer to my previous posting about this – 7 Virtues of Blogging).  You need to be patient though, it takes like 3 minutes to upload the presentation.  This is because the presentation is full of pictures.  But rest assure, it is well worth the waiting turnaround time! I promise… 

Well folks, that’s it for now…will keep u up to date as more info comes in from the coordinator.


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7 Responses to Week 6: MS Access

  1. saiw lee says:

    ckg, the exam ckg mean s the final?

  2. seri says:

    slm..ummi.. i need to ask u on publisher assgmnt. i did print the hard copy.. but i forgot to save the 1st page. shall i give you the hardcopy n post the second page only on my blog?

    p/s: already submit the second page on my blog.

  3. Cikgu says:

    siaw lee: yes dear!

    seri: hehe… sorry dear, i already answered the question in class just now kan? very3 sorry minggu ni hectic sangat…alhamdulillah things have gone back to normal now…Ramadhan Kareem 🙂

  4. nape kak seri pnye brochure ade byk page????
    ina pnye ade 1 page jerk..
    sy da post da my brochure kt blog..
    tp yg access nie blur2 sket..

  5. Cikgu says:

    insan misteri:> really nice, catchy and attractive brochure! well done dear!

  6. farah aqilah says:

    access ni pening la umi

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