Mengapa WordPress?

Yes, why WordPress.  As I told you in our first class, I used to teach WordPress but based on the course evaluation, the students prefer Blogspot.  I have used both, my conclusion as supported by research findings posted earlier in this blog is:

Blogspot – suitable for personal and maybe some types of business

WordPress – for a more professional and serious business

Read, understand, digest and reflect the contents of the following presentation (there’s a mix of BM and BI though – my apology) then let’s share your thoughts here.

Mengapa WordPress2

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4 Responses to Mengapa WordPress?

  1. Seri says:

    Slm ummi…

    do we have to make another blog then? erm.. i like your notes..they are easy to digest.. totally agree with you that wirdpress are for proffesional purposes.

  2. luke kenny says:

    ummi, currently im using wordpress. so its still new for me. hehehe.. my previous lecturer in matriculation also recommended us to use wordpress before. he has the same opinion with you that it is more profesional and easier to use it. 🙂

  3. hafizul says:

    Ummi…salam… I do not used wordpress. i’m just used blogspot… but i have some problem…where i can’t upload the assignment about brochure on my blog…i’m also can’t add category for ggge1155…I don’t know how to do..? Should i change to wordpress??? The brochure i have finish it …so what is the next assignment…i can prepare early…Sorry my english is broken n not good…Wasalam……..

  4. Cikgu says:

    Seri: No dear, i am just fulfilling my promise particularly to Hidayat from TESL group – that I will share some of my experience and try to briefly guide him on how to blog with WordPress. I post it hear because I thought besides Hidayat, there maybe others who might be interested to know a little about WP.

    Luke: I have yet to visit ur WP site luke. Thanks for sharing about ur previous lecturer’s opinion. Good to know that there r other peple who thinks the same way as I do – at least i know i wasn’t just SS.

    Hafizul: No worries about the broken English Hafizul. We all do that. For sure you can upload video in blogspot and i am quite confident you can do the same with a word document but i am not very sure with a publisher file. Anybody here have done so?

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