7 Virtues of Blogging to Build A Global Microbrand

My dear students with beautiful minds,

One of the topics that I promised earlier this week that I’ll post was about nettique. So here it is.  Pls read 🙂 … it is just a simple subject on “7 Virtues of Blogging to Build A Global Microbrand“.  It is  not too serious; although it is presented in the perspective of product marketing, I promise it won’t burden your beautiful mind; in fact you might find it very useful to survive in this blogospere and live rather happily here. 

Looking at a different perspective, it is a pre-lecture for your next marketing project using Words/Publisher.  Those brochures you are going to create next week shall be posted on your web and think how you could market them online.  As for those who are doing wedding cards, think also how you would be able to reach as many friends and relatives via the web without the hassle of posting the cards via snail mail or even to hand-deliver them personally.  However, for your makcik2 kat kampung, you still need to invite the traditional way… 🙂


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