Week 4 (GE1155 SEm 1 2009/2010)

kompWeek 1 & 2 – done

(Introduction, Registration – SPIN, E-Group, Email, Blog & FB)

Week 3 & 4 – should be done by the end of this week latest before coming to class next week (6/7/09)

– do your weekly reflection on your blog about your classes in general, this class (1155) in particular.

mention about the status of your project/assignment #1 (registration of your email, FB, blog, egroup and SPIN)

your search about file management, computer hardware and operating system. 

The 3 topics I just mentioned are topics given by Dr. Norazah for the English section.  However, when I reviewed the course outline from the Malay section given by Dr. Siti Fatimah, there are more topcs that we need to familiarize and learn.  The additional topics are: Kemahiran Berfikir dan ICT,  Impak Web 2.0 dalam Pendidikan, Etika Berinternet (nettiquette), Keselamatan Internet, Plagiarism, Evolusi Sistem Pengoperasian Komputer, Keselamatan dan Penyenggaraan Komputer, Penyenggaraan Blog untuk nota kuliah pelajar.

These are quite a vast number of topics to be covered in a week.  So I shall post bit by bit.  At the same time please let me know if any of you find good info on this topics and I shall link it here on our computer education blog.   For this week I will try to search for  information about nettiquette and post it here.  The rest of you who happened to have information do post it in your blog and let me know so I can link it in here for us to share.  Until then do check up this blog for my weekly posting.

In short, for this week, you need to search for selected topic/s on the web from the list given in your course outline and mentioned in this post earlier.  Then you will have to read, digest, understand, reflect and summarize the materials and put it into a powerpoint presentation.  In order for the power point to be qualified as your powerpoint project assignment you will need to include (i) text (ii) graphic/animation/video clip (iii) audio/visual  effect and the presentation should be estatically pleasing.

Till later, that shall be all for today.  As of now I know Joy has got her 2nd project about the computer hardware etc. done very nicely.  She searched for a video clip on operating system and voilla! She got her work done.  You can view her finish product here.  I also know that Ku is cooking up another interesting presentation with video clips and all for the 2nd task/project to be transform into the  our next power point project (task/project #4).

Next week we will rewind backwards to the the third task/project – the Publisher/Word project.  So try to finish up the 2nd (searching skill on the computer and maintenance topics) and 4th (power point)  before coming to class next week to do your third project – business flyer/wedding card/other advertising of your academic or co-curriculum activity on word or publisher.

Well see u next week or anytime here on the blog 🙂

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2 Responses to Week 4 (GE1155 SEm 1 2009/2010)

  1. ku azrie says:

    ummi….i have managed to look for an interesting site which allow us to share n upload file for free with quite a fast speed…maybe you can help by leaving a comment and your opinion about the site to me which will be used by me to upload n share my assignment later in my blog…
    you can open the ink by looking for a link entitled (THIS LINK IS BROUGHT FOR UMMI ROSSENI BY KU AZRIE) on the right hand side of my blog… the link name is test file sharing…. have a nice day ummi ^_^

  2. uMMi says:

    ok ku, will hop there now and let u know what i think about it!

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