The start of a new journey…Sem 1 Session 2009/2010 for GE1155

2ndtrialseaSalam to all my new students and the rest of the long life knowledge seekers.  Since PPSMI is abolished, may I write in Malay? I love the language.  Maybe we’ll decide after our first meeting today at 3pm Makmal 1, FPPEND.

Actually today will be my first come back to the teaching world in FPEND – huhu, sounds tragic yeah?  Well, at least it manage to pumps up my adrenalin and drove my anxiety level to the red spot.

Now, let me divide and conquer the task. First and foremost, all Praise be to the Lord Almighty who makes all things possible even when there is no way out.

Second you will need a course outline, which i presumed have been uploaded into the LMS by the coordinator of this course Dr. Siti (BM) and Dr. Azah (BI).  I have yet been registered to the new LMS, if you are, maybe you can guide me or we can explore together.  But first I will need some kind of guidelines or at least URL for the new system. 

Now let’s see what is  the learning outcome need to be completed this week.

Berkeupayaan mendaftar dan menggunakan pelbagai perisian web 2.0     

ok, that’s manageable. now let’s look at the topic to be covered this week

Week 2

  • Penggunaan dan pendaftaran: Sistem Pengurusan dan Pembelajaran Interaktif (SPIN) UKM
  • Pendaftaran Emel & Group, Blog, Facebook
  • Forum Maya






That’s cool.  Ok then we’ll start class activities as follows:

1.  For those who have not yet registered to SPIN, yahoo or gmail, let’s do so.  Those who already have an account with yahoo or gmail and already registered to SPIN, let’s help our friends so we can proceed to the next activity. 

2. now that you already have a yahoo or gmail account, go to the Facebook  site at  Fill up your profile, only info you would like to share then search for your teacher and at least 3-7 other friends.

3. write a meaningful reflection on your wall and maybe a line or two on your teacher’s FB.

4. now you are done with the FB activity (second activity for this week), let’s proceed to the third and final activity for the week that is “Forum Maya” or the virtual forum.

5. type the URL of your teacher’s blog –

6. browse through and get a grasps on the design of an educational blog.

7. at the top of the blog there are a few clickable folders. Click on e-course to learn more about blogging.

8. read, reflect, suggest or throw in any question on just about anything about registering and starting a blog.

9. discuss about wordpress or blogspot. search for the post in this blog. which one would you like as a platform for your blog? or if you already have one and would like to continue, let’s share how you would go about making it suit the requirement for this course and how do you think the platform you use suits your personal and educational needs.

 10. i guess we are done for this week then.  as to the registration of SPIN, if no one is registered to the system yet, give me a couple days to find out and explore the system and register myself then i will make a post of how to accomplish that task so we will be completely done with all the task required for week 1 in order to achieve learning goal 1.

Till then, all the best.

Rosseni 🙂

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60 Responses to The start of a new journey…Sem 1 Session 2009/2010 for GE1155

  1. ku azrie says:

    tq ummi rosseni…..i think id feel way comfortable to call you like that…your blog is just like full of information which can really helps us as a new student…till then…nice to meet you…you are kind of remembers me to my ustazah…

    • Cikgu says:

      You are very much welcome dear. I am glad you feel that way. When i start the day i felt very nervous coming back to work after being a full time student for 3.5 years. But getting to know all of you, teaching and learning together today had dropped my anxiety level to the blue spot and I am very happy to be in this class especially when my third son in Cairo is the same batch with you kids, pls bare with me when i treat you like my own kid….i hope i don’t have to nag you every time we meet, be a good kid make your teacher happy always get your work done on time 🙂 see u next week then.

      • ku azrie says:

        insyaAllah…we will behave as good as possible…thank you for treating as nice as our mother treat us…feels like living in our owh house pulak..huhu..till then…see you next week.. 🙂

  2. hasif jazila says:

    week 1, superb :D. but still got to learn more, still blur 😀

    • Cikgu says:

      Don’t worry dear, i see that you are getting the hang of it pretty well, at least in my class. Take one thing at a time, insyaAllah we’ll get there. Make time to the AlMighty Lord who makes all things possible and ask Him for guidance. InsyaAllah He will always be there for you when everyone else couldn’t make it. He will always make you feel good, make you feel welcome. Later 🙂

  3. ina says:

    today is my 1st class wit u…
    so far i can understand dis 1st lesson..
    its quite easy bcos i already hav my own blog,email n facebook..
    hope d next classes will be more fun..

    nice meeting u..

    • Cikgu says:

      Nice meeting you too dear, we will work together to make the next class manageable and as easy as it can be. I need your help to let me know when you need help. If I can’t help you maybe some of your friends can otherwise give me a couple days to find a solution and I will get back to you hopefully with the answer by the next class. Either way, let’s discuss our problem in this blog so this class may help you boost your CGPA ok. C U next week then 🙂

  4. salam umi..
    it is nice 2 know u..
    the 1st lesson usually will bring some inconvinieces 2 all but alhamdulillah everything is undercontrol.i am a slow learner in computer as i feel that it requires a lot of things 2 understand before i could proceed to other projects.this doesn’t mean that i dislike computer stuff,it’s just that sometimes it is way too complicating.hope u could guide me through this whole semester.thank u.

    • Cikgu says:

      Waalaikumussalam wbt. Fara.

      It was nice meeting u too dear. Yes, alhamdulillah I was rather nervous too when I saw there were like 50 students in the lab equipped for only 20. Nevertheless, all praise be to the Lord who helped us breakup into 3 groups rather smoothly without much hassle and we manage to complete our task for the first week. Don’t worry about being slow. We all are slow in one thing but not on the other. Together we will balance out the strength and weaknesses of each other, and together we will strive for excellence with His help and guidance. Amen. 🙂

      Now relax, you may feel like learning a foreign language but once you get the hang of it you may come back teaching me instead. So, be calm you have me and the rest of the class to travel the journey together. We will try to make it as easy and fun as it could be. Later dear, 🙂

  5. salam ummi…
    a superb nice begining for our class… i want you to know that you are the first lecturer who really make me feels safer n out of uneasy among other classes…
    maybe thiz is 1st time i met malay women lecturer.. that’s why I feel like this…
    I hope all of us can co-operate together and I really appreciate all the guidance which come from ummi…
    Salam Ukhuwah

    • Cikgu says:

      Well, to tell you the truth you guys made me felt save too. When I felt save, things were able to transfer from my mind to my voice and fingers – remember i told you at the beginning of the class that this is my first week back to work, and i was not really prepared for it? @ in other words i was really nervous 😦

      Well, alhamdulillah, thank God for making all things possible and manageable. He is the Greatest, and I love Him so much for giving me the time, making me feel at ease when I was really nervous, still caring about me when I gave Him not even a little portion that He really deserve from me. May He forgive us and love us always. Salam ukhuwah t u too my dear.

  6. siaw lee.. says:

    ~gd morning ckg,

    i m nt so gd in explain n dn dare 2 ask question, so i juz wan 2 say tat nice 2 meet u….

    ^^ i guess i wan seek more attention from ckg in tis class later on cuz i m nt so gd in computer…

    last but nt least…hope v can hv fun in tis class n score gd grade at d end of tis sem….tq

    • Cikgu says:

      Siaw Lee,

      Your friends and I am here to help you. Just ask in class or in the blog or you can YM or email me at In computer classes, you cannot be left behind otherwise it is very hard to catch up. Together we will make the class a fun and manageable one so we can score A for the course or at least a A- of B+. No C’s or below in my class I hope! Later then, 🙂

  7. lukekenny says:

    madam, i had a blast in the class. hehe… but i dont really know how to manage my post in wordpress. mind to help me out?

  8. mohd afiq says:

    smoga dpt2 sma2 mempermudahkan pelajaran dan pembelajaran kita…salam pkenalan buat cikgu…=)

  9. zyra says:

    sallammm ummi…=) well, firstly..thanks 4 not scolding me 4 being late to ur class..hehehe..

    i found ur sesion was interesting..=) i never create my very own blog b4.hehehe..
    n the modul u asked me to do was cool..=)
    for the time being, i think ur class is very energatic, gleeful and happening…=) im not sucking up..dont ger me wrong…=)

    • Cikgu says:

      how could i scold you my dear, all of you remind me of my own kids…just imagine how would i feel when my own kid get scolded because he is late for a reason beyond their control…most importantly you were able to catchup with what we had gone through and voila! you manage to finish up all 4 task assigned for today’s tutorial… like the rest of the class, insyaAllah next time I am sure you’ll be one of the first to arrive. C U next week then.

  10. assalamualaikum umi.. =)
    First of all, i just want u to know that i’m very grateful to have u as my lecturer! I like the way you handle the class just now
    n u let us call u ‘umi’, which makes our relations seem closer..
    Today,u taught us how to create a blog n i’ll try my best to do it!
    Thank you Umi!

    • Cikgu says:

      Umi=Cikgu=Puan=Madam=Teacher… what’s the different? But yeah, sure I don’t mind you calling me Umi (ada udang sebalik mee tau)…when you call me Umi it will remind you of your mom. When your mom give you a task you cannot say no…so hopefully you will always complete the task I give you on time…and learning is not just about getting a new skill, in this case computer skill. Learning is about life and self development. When we have a relationship, a good one I hope, we may learn and develop ourselves better as a teacher, learner, human being at the same time doing what we are suppose to do as the of way of life prescribed to us by the AlMighty.

  11. mohd afiq says:

    smoga kita sama2 dpt mempermudahkan urusan pelaran dan pembelajaran kita sama2..salam pekenalan buat cikgu…=)

  12. Joy says:

    Hello!! 😀

    today has been fun.. way better than my previous lecturer in UiTM.. LOL. anyway, nice meeting you, mdm. i’m looking forward for the next class.. 🙂 and i’m glad that we share the same passion for teaching!

    however, first lesson was way easy because i’ve already have Facebook, blog and email etc.. 🙂 was glad to have u to lecture our class! 🙂

    good day!

  13. hidayat rahmat says:

    salam..alhamdulillah umi..this first lesson was very good and help me a lot with this computer study…i hope this class will guide me to become a very good teacher bcoz someday i will become like you and hope you can show me more…thanks a lot umi..

    • Cikgu says:

      Alhamdulillah, I can see the potential in you right from the start Hidayat. I would be honoured if able to contribute in the making of Cikgu Hidayat. Sure i will help and share with you as much as i can if i have the knowledge, together we will learn to be a teacher that helps and prosper together, insyaAllah. He will always guide so long we ask for His guidance.

  14. syakirah says:

    salam.1st of all,really2 sorry 4 coming late 2 ur n zyra really did confused bout da timing of ur class,we’re really sorry.hope this doesn’t give u a bad impression of us. =D

    • Cikgu says:

      no ziera no worries, of course not so long you complete all the task … it seems that you were able to catch on fast, good for you! C U next week then, this time you will wait for me right 😀

  15. assalamualaikum umi.. =)
    First of all, i just want u to know that i’m very grateful to have u as my lecturer! I like the way you handle the class just now
    n u let us call u ‘umi’, which makes our relations seem closer..
    Today,u taught us how to create a blog n i’ll try my best to do it!
    Thank you Umi!

  16. salam..alhamdulillah again…thank you umi…i love this class so much because i feel like at home…no stress at all…and i hope you can teach me how to do blogging on wordpress coz i think i would prefer wordpress.. :-)..anyway..i cant wait to go to another session with you…really enjoy it!!!

    • Cikgu says:

      sure Hidayat, since you have completed the task earlier using blogspot, why don’t you try registering for wordpress. just ask me anytime here if you encounter any problem. i will try to respond soonest possible or other worpress blogger may be able to help. Yes, i cant wait for another session too but this time i must be extra well prepared to make sure all our task and grade can be completed in the same session. It feels good not having to take any work home.

  17. zyra says:

    sory ummi…forgot to write my add..hehehe

  18. fa_reen says:

    thanks a lots umi…u have helped me alot in the first glad to become ur student…=)

  19. Zainur Redza says:

    Thanks for teaching me how to make a blog, and facebook!!
    I didn’t know how fun and joy it is to make a blog, about the facebook, i dunno wat to say..hehehehe
    Neways, thank you so much!!! 😛

    • Cikgu says:

      you’re welcome dear but you are suppose to correct my language mistakes how come i can spot your spelling mistake? hehe no worries, no point taken out but you must help me improve my English though! You sought of promised you know 🙂

  20. Ummi….
    Thnx.. It is such an enjoyable class..
    Thank you for teaching on how to make a blog..
    So far, this is the most interesting and fun class that i attended in ukm..
    Syg ummi..hehe

    • Cikgu says:

      thanks, it is you and the whole bunch who made the class enjoyable, thank you for making it unstressful for me too! I love teaching the class!

  21. Zainur Redza says:

    Ummi, lupe nk ckp, TAYANG UMMI SGT2!!xOxO

  22. Ummi….
    Thnx.. It is such an enjoyable class..
    Thank you for teaching on how to make a blog..
    So far, this is the most interesting and fun class that i attended in ukm..
    Syg ummi..hehe

  23. Ummi….
    Da send da..huhu

  24. Zainur Redza says:

    Thanks for teaching me how to make a blog, and facebook!!
    I didn’t know how fun and joy it is to make a blog, about the facebook, i dunno wat to say..hehehe
    neways, thank you Ummi!! ;P

  25. Zainur Redza says:

    Thanks for teaching me how to make a blog, and facebook!!
    I didn’t know how fun and joy it is to make a blog, about the facebook, i dunno wat to say.. hehehe
    Neways, thank you so much!!

  26. Cikgu says:

    Redza, thank you so much for making the class a fun and enjoyable one, yay! we manage to complete our task for the week and I am so glad i don’t have to grade them later. C U next week, be a good boy remember Allah always, rajin2 solat jemaah tau!

  27. Salam dan selamat sejahtera Umi…
    Saya baru pertama kali masuk kelas umi hari ni(23/07/09).Saya minta maaf krn tak hadir minggu lepas krn selesaikan urusan tentang ptptn saya.Saya kurang pandai tentang komputer ni.Saya harap Umi dapat beri tunjuk ajar pada saya dan rakan2…

  28. Farah Aqilah says:

    1st claz..??!!
    btw,blog is a lil bit new for me..
    still learning..
    nice knowing u umi rosseni..

  29. Sri Hani says:

    Salaam…. i like your class already!!!! u remind me of my mother… huhuhu…. i hope i can gain so much more in your class!!! (n_n)

  30. Jenna says:

    hello teacher, v interesting class! not only can we go online, we get to learn new stuff! thanks, i think i’m going to enjoy this class. 🙂

  31. sakinah says:

    thanx ummi bg tnjuk ajr..drpd xtaw pape da dpt ckit..
    nice to know you..
    salam ukhuwah..:)

  32. maisarah says:

    1st class pun dh byk dpt bljr benda baru.mmg best!!thanks ummi rosseni

  33. xiaoharn says:

    dis morning was de 1st class with u
    also de 1st time for me 2 create a new blog
    so,very 10q n hope de following class i will learn more about tat
    oso learn new thing in dis course
    thank you,teacher
    happy 2 meet u

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