Real Simple Sindication: RSS in Plain English

For more information read about RSS Awareness Day. 

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6 Responses to Real Simple Sindication: RSS in Plain English

  1. banana1007 says:

    haha! very useful thing for us!
    n he’s also very humorous~~ ^_^
    i think i have learned a lot from yr blog~dear dr!~~

  2. Rosseni Din says:

    i am glad it is useful to you and it was my pleasure to have it posted here especially when someone learned something from it. Thank you again for keep coming in to the blog, i wish you all the best and keep in touch even when the course is over…happy holidays and create unforgettable moment with your students during the practical training ok! 🙂

  3. smilezj2008 says:

    Dear dr:
    Each time i come to your blog, I always feel that I can learn to a lot of things.You always give us some things which in brief and easily understand, but very meaningful.Thank u.^_^!

  4. Rosseni Din says:

    …and thank you for visiting and reading, it gives me motivation to keep on writing, i wish you all the best my dear! 🙂

  5. nuare26 says:

    I just got a massage from frineds tell that the marks for blog is consider in exam. So this is my details

    Khairul Anuar bin Salim

  6. Cikgu says:

    thanks for the info. that is good news i hope for those who already have one. but for those who haven’t, they can still cook up something and still have opportunity to score full points for all categories. 2-3 hours should be sufficient to complete all 5 tasks. All the best 🙂

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