Blogs in Plain English

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5 Responses to Blogs in Plain English

  1. banana1007 says:

    dear pn. Rosseni~ long time no see~~haha!
    we just finished our final exam~~
    oh yeah! freedom~~~
    i will go back to china the day after tomorrow~~
    i think u taught me a lot~
    not even from yr lecture but also yr blog~~!!
    i want to thank u!!
    n all of my chiese friends like u very much~~
    haha!~wish u have a nice day!! ^_^

  2. smilezj2008 says:

    dear pn. Rosseni:
    yes, we have finished our final exam, I will face to my new holidays,.This holidays I not return China, Because I need to attend a practice, so I don’t have enough time. Although ended this semester,But I have a lot of feelings, of course include u and blog.
    not even from your lecture but also you teach me set up my blog. The words that my friend say are exactly also that I want to say to you: THANK U!
    wish u have a nice holidays! ^_^

  3. Cikgu says:

    banana1007 and smilezj2008,

    …hehe 🙂 and i like teaching all of you very much, pls keep on blogging although the class is over if not for me or for you then for your students … 🙂

    how come banana1007 don’t have to do practical?

  4. catherine says:

    hello pn. Rosseni~ how are you? i’m now at home after going through a busy exam and busy packing too, haha…
    i want to say ‘thank you’ for teaching us about how to blog, without your instruction, i think i’ll never start my own blog, hehe…
    next semester will be start in july but i’ll back ukm in june as to be facilitator during mmp. time passing fast.
    wish you all the best & happy always ya~ 😀

  5. Cikgu says:

    Dear Cat,

    The pleasure is entirely mine. I am sure without me imposing on you the way i did, very soon you would have your own blog too but maybe not right now hehe 🙂 … I heard that blogging will be made a fomal course in UiTM very soon. I only wish that you will keep on blogging even after this course is over. It will do u a lot of good, believe me.

    All the best in facilitating the MMP (tell me what is it short for…i am out of tune with student activities nowadays..). And last but not least, take opportunity of you being at home now to be the best daughter your parents could ever dream of.

    Thanks for your well wishes. Happy holidays to you too.

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