Adding an Avatar

First of all, let me explain what an avatar is although most of you have encountered and applied it to your blog.  It is a picture or image to represent yourself when you make comments either in your own blog or in other’s blog.  So how do you do it?

First, go to My Account and click at EDIT PROFILE as below:

Then click browse at the popup dialogue box to choose an appropriate image for your avatar then click upload image as below:

All the best!


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10 Responses to Adding an Avatar

  1. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    thanks Pn.
    Paper exam saya baru jer tadi kul 2 tamat. Subjek CCTS. Sekarang baru bleh fokus untuk blog ni…
    wah…tak sabar yer nak ‘renovate’ blog saya…

  2. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    salam Pn…

  3. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    comment kat atas tu testing jer..tadi dah hantar..tapi tak samapai plak…exam paper saya bru jer kul 2 tadi tamat..subjek CCTS…wah…lepas ni bru bleh fokus sepenuhnya untuk asgmnt blog ni..tak sabar rasanya nak ‘renovate’ blog saya..anyway, thanks ajar nak upload alvatar…:-)

  4. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    nape comment saya tak appear kat sini..hurm..

  5. Rosseni Din says:

    WSL Fazleen,

    I have been thinking about you today. I tried to key in your fullname to search for your blog’s URL but to no avail. Is it in my students’s link yet?

    If not, pls let me know your exact URL. I still don’t know what kind of percentage will Dr. Kamisah consider for the work related to this lecture about technology for thinking that she requested me to deliver but i will sent her the marks next week for her to decide. As for the PKP students she had already told me so there should be no problem.

    Just to be on the safe side, for those who had created a blog, please send me the URL, fullname and matrix number if your information have not been linked in this blog. Please Fazleen and others who read this comment, could you spread the words …thanks 🙂 My mobile phone’s inbox is full at the moment and it will take me some time to read and delete all the messages there. So, I would suggest that you send the info here.

    So all of you are in a festive mood now that the exam is over, yes? I have posted 14 video clips on the islamic love story based on the award winning novel ayat2 cinta, maybe you would like to watch it if broadband or fast internet is available.

  6. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    salam Pn.

    My first mesag up there are not complete, since the time I sent the mesag, the intenet coverage not ok..
    i finished my exam paper. So, now i could focus for my blog. Wow! so happy that i have time to ‘renovate’ my blog..

    Masya-ALLAH, thanks ALLAH, i open this post, seem that this is urgent information that should to spread. About the information above, ya..i will post your comment into buletin’s PENDIDIK in friendster and try to tell by using SMS.. Hopefully, most of my friends, open their friendster. Insyaallah. I will post after i sent this comment.

    Anyway, thanks showing how to upload alvatar. 🙂

  7. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    This is my detail,
    Nur Fazleen Bt Ali Nahas

  8. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    My detail,
    Nur Fazleen Bt Ali Nahas

  9. Cikgu says:


    Well i just don’t want to create havoc because some may have gone back home since i myself still don’t know what Dr. Kamisah decided on the grading, my SMSs have not been replied yet, she is rather busy now with the exam.

    For all you know it may not even be considered but i hope not. Even if it is not considered as part of the grading in reference to the syllabus, hopefully it will be considered as a bonus. But as i said before, if they decided not to consider it as part of the assignments then please accept it as a knowledge for your long life learning adventure.

    Since she has give her words on the PKP programme, i will concentrate grading them now. Till then, hope you have a fulfilling programme during the break. Salam. 🙂

  10. Cikgu says:

    Maaf ye Fazleen, saya pun tak perasan komen2 Fazleen terperangkap dalam SPAM trap. Saya dah release bila sedar ada SPAM messages tadi. Thanks for the URL, harap terus enjoy merenovate blog tu walau dah tamat kursus ni ya. Keep in touch! 🙂

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