Dewan Budiman, 3-5pm

download lecture notes:



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  1. masni says:

    Alhamdulillah…finally masni b’jy download that notes.I’ll try my best for doing the blog, Insya-Allah.salam Mauldur Rasul, Puan..


  2. rosseni says:

    Thank you Masni. I really appreciate your effort to fulfill the assignment requirement although there were many technical problems. I hope you and the rest of your friends will be granted an easy path towards success in doing and fulfilling all your responsibilities. Maat Taufik Wan Najah Fil Imtihan. Wa hai yik la na min amrina rasyada. Amin.

  3. zirconia says:

    i’ve created my blog but still confused to manage it..but i’ll try..this is the link to my blog:

  4. Rosseni says:

    Dear Zirconia and Zarina:

    ok dear, i will visit and see if there is anything i may be able to help. Congratulations on having accomplish to have your blog registered. Thank you for your commitment, i appreciate it very much.

    I am speechless. From your calender it seems like you did all that in just one day. What else can I say, congratulations and keep up the good work and more importantly i hope you will keep the blog alive eventhough you have completed almost all the requirements for the 5 tasks assigned. Thank you for your commitment in doing the assignment. i truly appreciate it.

    Last but not least hope both of you and the rest of the class will succeed in life and get excellent grades in the coming exam.

    p/s Zarina, you need to approve my comment then set your option so anyone can comment without having to register.

  5. assalamualaikum,
    saya nak tanya mcm mane caranya saya nak buat orang lain boleh download file (cth file pdf) drp laman web saya mcm saya download lec note drp web site puan ni..
    harap puan dapat beri tunjuk ajar..
    ni link ke blog saya.


    terima kasih,

  6. NFazliza says:

    salam mdm. i’m nur fazliza zulkafli, 2nd year TESL. i’ve registered but still dont put any entry regarding the subject yet entries about something else though. will try to do it sooner…
    mine – http://www.divainthemaking.wordpress.com

  7. star929 says:

    Thanks for you giving us this notes.

    I already download them.
    ^ _ ^

  8. Rosseni says:

    you are very much welcome Star. Thank you for your commitment.

  9. pris08 says:

    pn. rosseni,
    how come what i see on my write page differs from what is displayed after it is posted?
    esp regarding indents?
    is it possible to skip a few lines between paragraphs?
    no matter how many times i press enter, it will display as if i only press enter once after i click ‘save’

  10. Rosseni says:

    if you want to single space you need to press Enter+Shift at the same time. Now try [Enter+Shift] x 3 to get skip 2 rows.

    as for the weird happenings, sometime i try fo fool wordpress by doing cut n paste of the sentences in question then change to another font and size and change back to the original font style and size.

    try that and let me know what happen ok. keep up the good work!

  11. pris08 says:

    thanks for your suggestions pn. rosseni. i tried your suggestions but it didn’t seem to work though. not sure what is the problem…

    but i discovered that pressing Enter once is the same as pressing Enter + Shift twice.

    And that seems to be the most space i can put between paragraphs, i cant put a bigger gap because if i press Enter or Enter + Shift more than that, it will still revert back to what it was ofter i click publish/save

  12. pris08 says:

    ps: the only way to change the font and size is at the bar which says -format- paragraph, address, heading etc right?

  13. masni says:

    Assalamua’laikum Puan

    Thanx…Puan, sy nk upload vdeo animasi upin dn upin tp animasi ade dlm folder laptop masni..masni explore kt blog perlu link pd website tp masni nk link terus tanpa link pd website…


  14. Rosseni says:

    yes on both questions πŸ™‚

    1. buat macam ni …mula2 kena pergi lokasi asal Upin dan Ipin dengan klik pada gambar besar tu dia akan bawa ke video di you tube.

    2. copy URL tu

    3. lepas tu pergi klik write post

    4. tulis tajuk kalau mahu lepas tu taip


    semoga berjaya

  15. pris08 says:

    ok, thanks pn. rosseni.

  16. lucky4leafclover says:

    Assalamualaikum, Puan.
    i’m safuraa, 2nd year of TESL course. i’ve been working on my blog for quite a some time now but only today that i managed to link it to yours. so, sorry about the delay. although at first, i think it is a bit late to start on a new assignment – given that the exams are just around the corner – but i find it rather enjoyable just the same.

    i’ve got my own blog before…but i was too busy to update it regularly. hence, i will try my best working on this blog and hope that it’ll stay on even after the course has ended.

    thank you.

  17. nerza says:

    Asssalamualaikum cikgu..
    saya dah update blog saya..
    harap cikgu dapat komen..
    sebab saya x brapa mahir nak buat blog…
    masih belajar lagi..

  18. nuare26 says:

    This is my blog nuare26.wordpress.com.(for thinking skills)
    i have my own blog at aeronanuar26.wordpress.com
    Hopefully u can give comment to both of my blog.

  19. ann_red86 says:

    finally i have created my blog…this is the link to my blog:

  20. naaizzati says:

    hye everybody… this is my blog address http://naaizzati.wordpress.com/
    share our precious experience and knowledge…

  21. Rosseni says:


    good for you my dear. i don’t remember visiting yours yet but i will very soon. tq for your commitment and good luck for your exam πŸ™‚

    nerza, nuare, ann_red86 dan naaizzati:

    tahniah nerza dan nuare. saya baru kembali dari kursus belum sempat tengok insyaallah saya mula balik melihat blog hujung minggu ni atau malam2 nanti ye. TK dan selamat maju jaya dalam peperiksaan yg akan datang! πŸ™‚


  22. SAFuraa says:

    sorry for the blunder, mdm. i forgot to put in my blog address. Silly me! i apologize. so, this is my add;


    thank you.

  23. hadilah yahaya says:

    sy pelik la…saya try buat blog..tp tak jadi la..sy buat jd .blog….mcm ne ni…

  24. esther224 says:

    hi, Puan. I just updated my blog and if you free can come visit my website.thanks ya~
    I had wrote the blog before and only upload to my blog yesterday,that’s why you can see there are few posts with same date..hehe:)

  25. masni says:

    Assalamua’laikum Puan,

    Masni nk tnye bole x video in youtube nk 2kr dlm frmt wmv, tp mcm mane


  26. Rosseni says:


    i have visited the site but haven’t got the chance to drop off any comments. will be back there very2 soon though. from my quick glance, it looks really good with the 5 reflection or five lecture summary rather. πŸ™‚

    ok then i will be visiting your site very soon esther tq. πŸ™‚


    hmmm, tak pernah la pulak saya tukar format lain. rasanya boleh je tapi saya tak pernah cuba la masni. kalau saya dapat maklumat saya beritau ye. πŸ™‚


    tak berapa faham, cuba hadilah rephrase balik ayat tu. πŸ™‚


  27. carynn says:

    Pn. Rosseni, mm…its a wonder that my previous blog seemed to have got lost in the cyber space, perhaps due to my absent-mindedness or a technical error? but all the same, i’m glad that i’ve landed bac in here again. So, just to inform you, my blog’s at http://caryn2.wordpress.com. Hopefully it’ll prove to be fun to work out with..^^

  28. assalamualaikum,
    saya masih tidak faham apa fungsi RSS dan FEED? Macam mana pula saya hendak tukar CSS saya? Apakah saya kena upgrade dulu akaun saya br boleh ubah css saya?Kenapa pula XTML dalam wordpress ni tidak semuanya boleh dibaca? Untuk pengetahuan puan, kebanyakkan kod XTML saya ambil daripada Friendster dan My space..dan akhir sekali saya ingin tahu, bagaimana saya boleh buat link secara ‘open in new window’? ( pengguna tidak meninggalkan website saya.)
    harap puan dapat membantu..
    terima kasih..

  29. cale7 says:

    I am Caleb Ling from science program, please visit my blog, http://cale7.wordpress.com

  30. Rosseni says:

    caleb and caryn:

    I have visited your blogs. Good work! But my comments left still need moderation. Please do so otherwise not only my comment will not appear but other incoming comments from your friends. Just go to your dashboard -> comments -> approve. Then still on the dashboard, go to setting and set so that visitors don’t have to register in order to make comments in your blogs. Keep up the good work between your preparation for the exams …but don’t get carried away, your exam is your priority now πŸ™‚


    Thanks for asking. Give me a good reason to write a new posting. Wait for it ok! BTW good luck in your exam and keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  31. puan... says:

    puan…i have already register the blog..i want to ask you how to invite you? beside that how can i become your friend?

  32. Rosseni says:

    “…how to invite you?”
    – nak masukkan blog saya sbg link di blog hadilah?
    1. pergi ke dashboard
    2. pilih manage links
    3. klik add new link
    4. masukkan nama URL (alamat) blog yang nak dilinkkan itu

    ” …how can i become your friend?
    – saya dah linkkan ke sini, TQ

    Harap saya jawab dgn betul.

    TQ. Teruskan usaha.

  33. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    salam alaik Pn. Rosseni.
    I’m Nur Fazleen, one of your student in Thinking Skills in Education.
    This is my blog http://fazleen87.wordpress.com/
    I’m still new user, so a lot of things i dont know to use in this blog. However, i gald i build one blog that i have dream to build it before. Hurm..hope you can visit my blog.

  34. Rosseni Din says:

    saya dah lawati dan tinggalkan komen di sana. Tahniah dan teruskan memblog bila dah habis kursus ini ya!

  35. ummu muslimah says:

    ni blog yang baru saya bina….
    harap puan dapat bg komen untuk pembaikan…
    terima kasih puan…

  36. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    Pn, macam mana kita nak letak gambar utk alvatar?
    saya dah cuba buat, tapi gambar tak keluar juga.
    Gambar perlu saiz berapa? Terima kasih.

  37. Rosseni Din says:

    Wsalam ummu muslimah,

    boleh berikan URL alamat blog ummu untuk saya lawatinya? sama2 πŸ™‚ tahniah, sempat juga membuatnya dalam kesibukan peperiksaan ni…maat taufik wannajah fil imtihan.

    Salam Fazleen,

    Saya baru dapat balik caranya. Lihat posting hari ini. Saya cerita kat situ besar sikit ruangnya ye, harap membantu.


  38. masni says:

    Assalamua’laikum Puan

    Thanx for your teaching, I’m really appreciate it…
    syukran Puan

    Maszeni Mukhtar
    chemistry education

  39. Rosseni Din says:

    waiyyakum mazni. the course is over but whatever we learn please continue as a long life pursuit …blogging as uslub perjuangan…moga kita terus tsabat diatas jalanNya. Amin.

  40. shirleytan says:

    I really have high respect for you- specifically for ur ability to keep on smiling though facing a group of rather noisy students. πŸ™‚ how do you manage to do that,actually?

    By the way, this is my blog url :

    Tan Shir Ley (A114540) from TESL programme.

    thank you.

  41. Haneitha says:

    This is my blog url :

    Haneitha a/p Mohana Krishnan

  42. Cikgu says:

    Dear Shir Ley,

    I guess it is my love for teaching and my love to meet all sorts of personalities with vast potentials that keeps me up and going. i just love it though sometimes they make me cry but the tears are my spice of life. It makes me grow even fonder of the profession πŸ™‚ You won’t be able to understand until you are in my shoes till then I hope you will feel the same too … all the best and thank you for the URL.

    Thanks again Haneitha. I think i have got yours in the other posting he he πŸ™‚ no problem at all…Best wishes and enjoy your holidays!

  43. ummu says:

    siti sabarina binti mat yusoff

    syukran pn…

  44. Cikgu says:

    waiyyaki πŸ™‚

  45. Muni says:

    Saya Munirah bt Abdul Rahman
    Science Programme

  46. safuraa says:

    assalamualaikum, puan.

    i am wan safuraa wan osman (A113730) from the TESL programme – 2nd year, UKM.

    my blog add is as follows:

    thank you very much.

  47. Cikgu says:

    safura dan muni, saya dah semak. kiranya ok la untuk last2 minit ni boleh la dapat 6.5/10 @ 65%. maaf tak dapat bantu banyak pada masa ni. lain2 kali jika minat nak teruskan just keep in touch ye! πŸ™‚

  48. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    Saya harap Pn. tak semak lagi saya punya blog. Sya masih tak puas hati..lagi2 untuk post reflection. saya akan tambah lagi reflection saya. since, saya baru sedar yg reflection tu 30point..fuh! masih tak cukup. baru post satu. saya akan ‘submit’ my blog tomorrow, bleh? tapi kalu pn. nak terus semak pun tak pe..k, thanks!

  49. Cikgu says:

    Fazleen dah dapat full mark dah tu tapi go ahead continue on blogging it will do u a lot of good, membangun minda membina ummah bla bla bla… πŸ™‚ oh ye…camana saya nak bagi markah tu ye…no matrik dgn nama penuh fazleen tak da pulak pernah beri ke saya kan?

  50. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    hah! full mark!! macam tak percaya!!
    waa..segala pujian hanya utk allah
    apapun sangat berterima kasih kat Pn. Rosseni and Dr. Kamisah..
    thanks adakan ini sebagai task tambahan..
    memang menjadi impian saya utk ada blog sendiri.
    syukur..wokeh! akan sentiasa continue guna blog ni..
    thanks again πŸ™‚

  51. Cikgu says:

    hanti saya link kat blog personal saya ye…kalau tipu tolak markah hehe πŸ™‚ …jangan lupa lak bagi no matrik dan nama penuh…sia2 je dapat markah penuh πŸ™‚


  52. Assalamualaikum puan,

    I am NUR BALQIS BINTI RAZUAN (A113473) from science programme (physics)
    My blog add is


  53. asmalina says:

    i’m from science program..
    please visit my blog…

  54. Azufham86 says:

    Assalamualaikum Puan…
    I am Mahfuza Musa from Tesl program.

    URL for Blog Project : http://Azufham86.wordpress.com

  55. Azufham86 says:

    Assalamualaikum Puan…
    Saya Mahfuza Musa dari program TESL, jika puan tak keberatan, saya ingin tahu mengenai kriteria pemarkahan untuk projek Blog Thinking Skills in Education.Saya risau tentang markah yang bakal saya peroleh kerana kurang mahir dalam blogging.

    Terima kasih.

  56. radiah says:

    Puan, saya radiah, student sains subjek kbkk. ni alamat blog saya:http://radiah.wordpress.com
    Maaf puan, saya x siap betul2 lagi blog ni.
    InsyaAllah saya akan sentiasa updatedkan blog ni.
    buat masa sekarang setakat ni saja saya dapat siapkan. Terima kasih atas segala tunjuk ajar yang puan beri.
    Mohon maaf atas salah silap sayapada Puan

  57. deazaryna says:

    slm..i’m zamzarina rosli..b.ed tesl year 3 this coming July..this is my wordpress link pn..www.deazaryna.wordpress.com..i dunno how to link ur blog to my blog but i already link yours..hope u can link my page under critical thinking ukm students..sorry for any inconvinience in my blog..i was just started to learn..huhu..sorry and thanks madam.. ^_^

  58. Cikgu says:

    actually at this point i just go to the blog and assess it but since you ask me, of course i will link you to my blog under the ct ukm students…no worries dear.

  59. shikin239 says:

    salam puan..im nurul ashikin bt zakaria from sc prgram…this is my url for the blog.http://shikin239.wordpress.com/ sorry for the late….

  60. shikin239 says:

    nurul ashikin bt zakaria A116060,Sc. Biology…http://shikin239.wordpress.com/

  61. Noor Farhana says:

    Assalamualaikum Puan..
    Saya Noor Farhana Binti Abdul Samad dari program Pendidikan Kimia. A115090.
    alamat blog sy:
    puan, sy nk mintak maaf. Sy tak tahu macam mane nk categorizedkan post sy. Sy dah try bace note yang puan sediakan. tapi tak bleh nk categorizedkan..

  62. ann_red86 says:

    assalamualaikum madam..i already upgrade my website..so, hope u can take a visit and enjoy it..this is my name and my matrix number..tq…friends!!! u guys are allowed to leave any comment as u want at my page.


  63. ann_red86 says:

    salam buat NOOR FARHANA
    kalau x silap. nk categorized kan post 2, awk ble ikut steps ni..

    1.pg kt dashboard.
    2. pg kt WRITE
    3. scroll ke bawah sampai jumpa CATEGORIZE
    4. lps 2 awk add je apa2 categorize yg awk nk..

    sy x tau bnda ni ke yg awk mksud kn..tp slamat mncuba..

  64. loudesiree says:


    A 112456
    B. Ed TESL


  65. Cikgu says:

    Nurul Aini:
    Terima kasih bantu saya beri penjelasan kpd Farhana atau mungkin lain2 yg memerlukan πŸ™‚

    Linda, Farhana, Nurul, Syikin, Zamzarina,
    ok, nanti saya ke sana dan link ke blog ini jika smpat jika tak pun lambat sikit, yg penting nak siapkan markah ni…hari tu saya relek je ingat Dr. Kamisah dah taknak …. πŸ™‚

  66. dija rashid says:

    salam puan..
    saya dah buat blog tu

    khadijah mohd rashid
    science programme (biology)

  67. Cikgu says:

    hehe actually saya teka2 dan dah dapat masuk pun tapi kenapa ada 1 posting tajuk assalamualaikum tu je. yg lain semuanya pages. Tak sempat ke buat link ke blok kursus atau yg lain2. Saya boleh beri 2+1+1+1+0.5=5.5=55%. Kalau nak baiki lagi beritau saya nanti saya ubah markahnya jika tak hantar lagi markah ke Dr. K. Task 1= register, T2=about, T3= 5 postings on reflections dll seumpamanya, T4=widgets links dll T5=interaksi dgn pensyrah, pelajar, pengguna lain dalam talian blog sendiri atau blog kursus (atau blog pelajar lain kalau saya terserempak πŸ™‚ ).

  68. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    salam Pn.
    saya nak tanya mengenai private post.
    begini, saya ada post tntg pengumaman penting yg hanya untuk kawan2 saya. utk mnglakkan diketahui ramai, saya letak post. saya nak ia private tapi bleh dilihat ‘tittle’ nya di page dpn blog saya. then, di’akses’ oleh kawan saya samada yg ada account wdpress atau tidak. masalah saya skrg, saya dah letak private tapi takda kat recent post saya…pn tahu tak caranya?
    saya dah cuba search maklumat kathelp wdprss ni, tp still tak faham juga..huhu
    thanks Pn.

  69. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    maklumat tambahan: saya letak post saya itu private, then saya tekan publish..tapi tak da kat recent post saya dan homepage saya..

  70. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    ok..puan..akhirnya…saya dapat juga apa yg saya nak..
    alhamdulillah..ok pn..
    Nur Fazleen Bt Ali Nahas

  71. Cikgu says:

    maaf la Fazleen sibuk la pulak cuti2 malaysia ni. anak saya no.2 balik dari UIA dan aiman yg tolong saya hari tu balik dan nak pergi balik matrik pilah hari ni…oops semalam (dah lebih 12am skrg ni ghopanya). apa pun sempat gak membeli sebuah beg kecil untuk …haha…birthday girl… kata suami saya beli hadiah birthday untuk diri sendiri?…tak terpk lak begitu masa tu…tiba2 anak saya yg kecik sekali no. 8 tu kata kat abahnya, adik yg pilih…adik yg bagi hadiah tu, ummi tolong bayar je…hehe…apa pun tahniah kerana berjaya mem”beger” blog itu, saya belum sempat me”link”kan ke blog yg satu lagi. nanti saya jalan2 ke sana ye πŸ™‚ kalau saya lupa jangan jemu jemput saya lagi ( πŸ˜‰ huhu saya nak juga2 password nya )

  72. nUr fAzLeeN says:

    hehe..ramai betul org bertuah lahir bulan lima..(since saya pun bulan lima tapi dah lepas)..
    hurm..o..ok..saya tak kan jemu utk jenguk blog puan ni..
    pasword tu…huhu..cam secret jer..saje je nak wat ala2 mcm MISSION IMPOSSIBLE dgn exco2 PENDIDIK ni..k Pn..thanks! (kim salam kat anak comel yg hadiahkan Pn. beg tu.. πŸ˜‰ )

  73. Cikgu says:

    hehe…takpe saja je …tu la namanya private! apapun tahniah jugak untuk birthday girl di sana moga terus tsabat di atas jalanNya, Amin ya rabbal alamin.

  74. safuraa says:

    assalamualaikum, pn.

    i know it is a bit late…but anyway, happy birthday puan. i wish i could have finished the work at ukm before the holidays bcoz i don’t have any inthernet access at home. not to mention, very costly to work from the cc at my hometown (thank God, there’s one anyway). i try to post postings as often as i could. but there’s not much happening lately. most of the days i just hang out with my family. How about you, pn?
    any news regarding the course? i hope all of us has dobe great doing the exam.

  75. ann_red86 says:

    assalamualaikum puan.

    saya nk tnya puan bila pemarkahan akan dibuat dan bila tarikh akhir untk menyiapkn blog ni. saya harap saya dapat tmbah lg bahan dalam blog saya skt sbanyak. mekasih

  76. Cikgu says:


    hehe…never too late for that! thanks for the remembrance πŸ™‚ . Marks have been submitted to Dr. K on the 22nd of May 2008, details in my comment to Rashidah just before i write this comment, refer to that ok. as for your individual marks, i gave you 8.5/10 = 85%.

    I feel bad 😦 that you have to go through all that. Where is your hometown located at? There should be a free telecenter (Pusat Internet Desa (PID), Medan Info Desa (MID), Pusat Perkhidmatan TM (UCC) and many other initiatives where you can access Internet for free in each mukim courtesy of KTAK (Kementerian Teknologi, Air dan Komunikasi), SKMM (Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia) or kerajaan negeri depends where you are. Those were provided through the tax payers contribution (read=duit rakyat) of course, delivered through various agencies so all rakyat malaysia can have internet access for free.

    annred86 @ enni,

    jangan risau, dengan apa adanya tu enni dah dapat full mark (baca=10/10 atau 100%). Tapi teruskanlah ya…jangan biarkan ia terhenti di situ. Post terakhir tu bukan saja cantik dan menarik tetapi sangat berguna. Maaf saya tak sempat bagi komen di sana hanya sekadar sempat mengaguminya :). Masih ada dalam kepala dan fikiran (baca=saya visual learner) saya triangle dalam pos akhir tu! (harap dah bukan lagi pos terakhir pada masa saya menulis ni πŸ™‚ )

  77. shirleytan says:

    halo pn rosseni,
    may i know my marks for the blogging assignment? thanks you vy much for ur reply.

  78. Cikgu says:

    you got 8.5/10=85%. Keep blogging to practice and promote critical and creative thinking even if the course is over ok, all my best!

  79. mastura87 says:

    salam cikgu…
    boleh saya tahu markah untuk blog saya tak?saya dah cuba yang terbaik…harap cikgu berpuas hati…anyway, thank you very much….impian saya untuk mempunyai blog sendiri termakbul juga…Alhamdulillah…

  80. ann_red86 says:


    Alhamdulillah..lps baca post puan 2 sya rasa lega skit..saya hrp puan puas hati ngan hsl krja saya..ari ni saya da tmbh skt2 bhn kt page saya..hrp puan suka ya..=)

  81. catherine says:

    hello Pn Rosseni,
    may i know my blogging marks?

  82. Cikgu says:


    Mas dapat 9.5= 95%. Pastinya saya gembira bila mas ada blog dan menggunakannya untuk manfaat ilmu pembangunan diri apa lagi untuk manfaat sahabat2 yang lain dan harapnya nanti untuk manfaat anak2 didik ya! Teruskan memblog, tingkatkan kemahiran berfikir πŸ™‚


    Cat, you got full marks = yes = 10/10 = 100%. Congratulation and keep on blogging πŸ™‚


    Saya dah tengok, ya memang puas hati. Saya tahu bukan senang nak memblog perkara akademik yang pada ramai orang sesuatu yang “membosankan”, kadang pada kita juga… lebih mudah meluahkan rasa hati pada sekeping kertas digital πŸ™‚ jadi saya salute enni untuk itu…walau dah tamat kursusnya masih dengan pemikiran kritisnya dan kali ini dengan “thinking hats de bono“, bravo! walau ia mungkin bacaan yg tidak ditunggu2 untuk pembaca santai tapi ia merupakan ilmu yg diungkapkan dengan bahasa mudah untuk mereka yang “mencari”. Itu usaha murni, jika buat entri tapi tiada pembaca kita dapat pahala, dibuat lagi ada pembaca pahalanya tak putus2 sampai kita tiada lagi di alam fana pun selagi hidup blog tu di alam maya πŸ™‚ kita dapat sahamnya di alam baqa’ aka kehidupan seterusnya…wallahua’am fissawab.

  83. catherine says:

    wow, can’t believe it, thanks Pn Rosseni. πŸ˜€
    thanks again for teaching us blogging πŸ™‚

  84. Cikgu says:

    the pleasure is entirely mine, you’ll know what i mean when you start to teach next year. All the best. πŸ™‚

  85. rashidahcantik says:

    assalamualaikum cikgu…thanks for segala tunjuk ajar…saya dapat a- for ccts..even tak dapat a,tapi Alhamdulillah….thanks for your helping…doakan saya selalu…

  86. Cikgu says:

    You’re welcome, the pleasure is mine. It’ been a while since i last teach. Last i heard, getting A- from Dr. Kamisah’s class is as hard as getting an A in other courses. In her class they said “A is for God”. I am not sure if it still applies. Furthermore, the range for A- used to be from 75-90 but now you need to touch 80 before reaching A- (if i am not mistaken). So be happy dan bersyukurlah kerana A- itu amat bermakna coming from her! πŸ™‚

  87. assalamualaikum,
    ape khabar puan,
    saje melawat blog ni,
    dah lama sy tak bukak blog ni, he πŸ˜›
    harap puan brada dalam keadaan sihat hendaknya…

    • Cikgu says:

      I am fine Zarina, just a bit busy since oct 10 doing my final field work. Appreciate your coming back to the blog although the semester have long been over. Will try to update the blog as soon as I am done with this final field work and back to my beloved Bangi…the land to quest for knowledge :). Well…that would be too late, i will try to squeeze in a few minutes a week at least right? If u can why not me? Will post something then…thanks again dear, for dropping by…makes me feel obligated to write a post and i actually like it!

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