Lecture 3 TESL UKM-CHINA Programme (PKP)

PKP UKM-CHINA: Gerak Minda 10-11 on 17/3/2008 at 11am-2pm

Download Lecture Notes:



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22 Responses to Lecture 3 TESL UKM-CHINA Programme (PKP)

  1. Belinda says:

    I give U my blog address by sms a long time. but you did not add to me, so I give it to U here. please check it. thanks.
    http://missbelinda.wordpress.com/ G73592

  2. annie says:

    Good afteroon! Dr. rosseni.
    this is my blog’ s address. please add to me. thanks!
    http://annie409's .wordpress.com

  3. christina says:

    Good afteroon! Dr. rosseni.
    this is my blog’ s address. please add to me. thanks!

  4. annie says:

    Sorry, my address is http://annie409. wordpress.com

  5. di884 says:

    Dear dr. Rosseni,
    I have received your comment in my blog, I like your teaching and you’re really a passion teacher! I’ll keep on my work on blog, thank you again! ^-^

  6. Rosseni says:

    Dear Belinda,
    I am very sorry about that. Maybe it came sometime on 25th-26th Februaryi where i received an abundance of sms from the. I thought i have answered all but obviously i have missed yours. TQ for informing me again here. I have added you here. Visited your blog and left a comment but it still needs moderation. Ask your friends who had the same problem before or refer my notes/posting about this. Will come back to visit it again soon. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Dear Christina,
    Thanks for the URL. I have added you and visit your blog. Left a comment there but still need to come back for the reflections. I will come back soon, in the mean time, keep up the good work! 🙂

    Dear di884,
    Thank you dear,
    I love teaching although I am a poor presenter and i really enjoy teaching the class. Hope we have learned a lot from each other and be able to practice it! Good luck with your teaching practical coming up and keep on blogging for your future learning resources and inspiration! 🙂

  7. liujing1234567 says:

    thank you for give us the notes!
    thank you for the snack!
    i like your teaching style very much.
    i changed my theme to get 2 sidebar as what you taught in lecture. i also linked to some universities, in order to get the imformation about study and teaching.
    i will keep working on my blog,welcome to my place!

  8. Rosseni says:

    you are very much welcome dear. i only gave you virtual notes (i should have had it printed!) and some snack but you gave me your time, focus and attention which is much more valuable! Thanks to you and the rest. I really appreciate it!

    I will visit your blog and comment there. I hope you will keep the blog even after this class ends. Would love to keep in touch and see how you are progressing with life and your studies over time. All my best 2 u! 🙂

  9. chelsea says:

    Hi Rosseni,

    I just come to see whether you have any announcements for us.

    By the way, is next Monday our due day to modify our blog?

    For my blog, when I add some reflections of our thinking skills class recently,can you come to visit my blog and check what I still need to do for my blog?

    I’ll be very appreciated with you help and suggestions. And thanks for your teaching this semester.

  10. Rosseni says:

    that would only be the formal dateline. But i will probably start grading from week 14-15. So any improvement made before i jot down the grade shall be included in my assessment. TQ and good luck in your exam!


  11. g73596zhangli says:

    hello Rosseni, my computer was broken in the past weeks, have you marked my blog?
    i have already done my blog and i want to know whether my blog can get full mark or not.
    i wanna get full mark,and if you think where i should correct, could you please tell me in my blog by leaving a messege.
    thank you!!!

  12. Cikgu says:

    done, look up for my comments in your blog Betty!

  13. g73596zhangli says:

    haha! I am back again!
    thank you very very…much for your assessment!
    according to your advice, I post my 5 relections as 5 different postings instead of a page.
    could you please come to my blog and assess again???
    I want to work towards getting 100% very much!!!!
    thank you very much again!

  14. gaoyuan8737 says:

    I am back too!
    I ‘ve answer all the comments which made on my blog, just like you told me~

    I ‘ve been waiting for you for the recent 2 days on my MSN, but you never online at least once,

    so could you pls come to my blog again and remark my assignment? I need the 100 per cent to improve my CGPA, thank you so much~
    I will appreciate what you did for me~

  15. Cikgu says:

    eric and betty, as i commented in your blog on my second assessment, you need or you want? either way you got it! congratulations and do keep on blogging…sorry i was rather busy the past 2 days, my two sons came back from college for the weekend. 🙂

  16. gaoyuan8737 says:

    thank you sooooooo…..ooo much!!!
    my CGPA may enhance to 3.5 or above!

  17. Cikgu says:

    i hope so…my part is just to give this portion of the marks to Dr. K but the whole grade as to what exactly at last she decide with it is up to her, i heard that it is very hard to get an A in her class…someone use to say A is only for God in reference to grades for her courses 🙂 …all the best still!

  18. liujing1234567 says:

    it is really happy to see you in my “place”.
    thank you for your good advice.
    i put a painying in my blog.
    it is a pagoda in a temple in my hometown.
    hope you like it!
    looking forward to see you again in my “place”!

  19. liujing1234567 says:

    you have good taste! Totoro is a famous Japanese movie.
    id like to share more movies .
    it is really a pity that i cant share more paintings, because this is the only one that i took a photo and bring it with me. this painting won a gold medal in a painting competition. you can never get your work back in a competition, this is the rule of the competition. it is unfair.

  20. Cikgu says:

    Liu Jing, did u read my post today dedicated to you. Hopefully in future whenever you finish painting a picture you will snap a digital photo and start your painting portfolio on flickr

  21. liujing1234567 says:

    thank you!
    i will start with a digital cameral:)

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