WordPress vs. Blogger

Dear Students,

Somehow, I feel obligated to explain why i chosed wordpress to teach about blogging for the topic Technology for Critical Thinking.  I have used Blogger and Yahoo Blog.  I do know why some of you would rather use Blogger.  But there is a valid reason for using WP for this project…

You can use it if you like, just link it to your wordpress blog as the primary blog for the project and sure it will make your blog richer at the same time be valued as part of Task C and maybe even Task D when I follow the link from your primary blog at wordpress.     What’s more important is to complete the 5 basic task first and the rest would be a credit to you.  The possibility of accumulating marks is endless.

The point is that I would like to assess every blog from the same platform  to be fare but there is no restrictions to where your links could bring me to, as far as making it richer with information.  (It is actually to the Blogger’s advantage if I do this, since only WordPress have the static page and archived categories as part of the criteria for assessment).  Of course the richer and more educational your blog is the more marks you get maybe even exceeding the 100 possible points available for assessment of the project.

As I mentioned in the lecture session, a blogspot with Blogger  is easier to start with.  You just need to go to http://www.blogger.com, create an account, name your blog, choose a template, make a post, adjust the layout and “wa la” you have it.  But that is beside the point.  You can easily do it without this class for simple blogging purposes.

For your long life learning goal, I have various reasons for introducing wordpress as the platform (actually it is an application but we better not get into the technical definition now).  I hope your blogging activities will not stop here but will be continued as long as possible for your professional career, business or personal life.  I have explained why I chosed WordPress for this project in the lecture session.  Some of the reasons are rather technical but i will link one, two, three or more sites to explain them.

To conclude, which platform you choose would depend on your purpose for blogging.  If it is just for fun, to share knowledge and experiences, as a personal kanvas for html and multimedia cracking or even for money making activities, Blogger would be great but for formal and academic purposes then  WordPress would definitely be my choice.  Last but not least,  do read the posting that i cut and paste from Traci Anderson’s blog!  Although we are using the free wordpress blog, it is my hope that soon enough we will be using the hosted wordpress blog for our professional career blog to experience greater flexibility.

Self-Hosted WordPress Vs. Blogger.com: A Newbie’s Perspective

Published by simplesahm at 12:34 am under Blogging Tips & Tools on Jan 29, 2008.
Let me start by saying that I am not a blog expert by any stretch of the imagination. That’s why I felt the need to write this post. As a relatively new blogger, I’ve spent a fair amount of time pondering (and researching) this question – which blogging platform is better for inexperienced bloggers – WordPress or Blogger?From a newbie perspective, Blogger.com (especially the newer beta version) wins, hands down. Really, what’s not to love? You simply choose your blog name, click on a template and “wa-la” you are ready to start posting. Sounds almost perfect, doesn’t it?Well, *almost* is the key word here.If you are thinking about starting a blog (or switching to a new platform) here are a few points you’ll want to consider.1). Design. I am a design-nazi. No matter how well a blog is written, I will click right past it if the design is unprofessional or tacky. While Blogger.com offers many attractive templates that aren’t necessarily unappealing, they are exceedingly overused.Most of your blog traffic will be generated from fellow bloggers. Experienced bloggers can spot a blogger.com template from a mile away. My first thought when I see a classic (even color-tweaked) blogger.com blog….BO-RING. My second thought, “this blogger doesn’t take blogging seriously”. Probably offensive to some of you…but true. Sorry.Wordpress, on the other hand has a plethora of fun, funky and fresh templates to choose from. In fact, they are so easily customizable that the same template can look vastly different with a couple of simple changes to a stylesheet. While Blogger.com templates can be quickly and easily customized using the control panel – the template options are extremely limited.2). Ease of Use. This is where Blogspot wins again (well, sort of). If you are a blogger that simply wants to write posts and share basic information in a quick and easy way Blogspot is the perfect place for you. I have a family blog where I love to share photos, videos and stories about my children. Blogspot works wonderfully for this use. On the other hand, if you want a blog that allows for growth and flexibly – you’ll want to start with WordPress.Now this “ease of use” issue is where this newbie’s perspective will certainly be useful for blogger wannabes. There is a bit of a learning curve with a self-hosted WordPress blog. You’ll need to know how to register a domain name, obtain hosting, transfer posts (if you already have a blog) upload files, configure nameservers, add widgets and manipulate the stylesheet if you want to customize the colors, fonts and other design aspects of your site.I was literally clueless when I launched my very first WordPress blog. Thankfully, I was not alone. There are literally dozens of websites that offer a step-by-step tutorials on launching your self-hosted WordPress blog. It took me about three hours (or so) to launch my first WordPress site vs. five-minutes with blogger. Trust me, t overcoming the learning curve vs. taking the easy route (blogspot.com) was well worth a skipped afternoon nap.3). Your Five Year Plan. Before you launch your first blog, take a moment to think about what you want to accomplish with it. Don’t hesitate to dream big.
  • Will you use your blog to make money?
  • Do you want to become an authority on an issue you are passionate about?
  • Do you want to promote a product or service?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions than I would strongly urge you consider WordPress as a starting point, or switch now. I learned this lesson the hard way.

I jumped into blogging without a plan and immediately became hooked. Within a few months, I had six active blogs with hundreds of posts on them. When I was ready to step it up a notch…I couldn’t. There were so many blogs I envied – they all had their own domain names, navigation bars and comment forms. They all looked like full-functioning, professional websites. No matter how hard I tried to “tweak” my blogger.com blogs to make them look unique and exciting…they still looked like a cookie-cutter “blah”g”. I was neck-deep in blogger purgatory. When I made the inevitable switch, I lost page rank and had to spend hours updating every blog directory I’d subscribed to. Many of my favorite bloggers insisted I start with WordPress. But I was stubborn. Had I known then what I know now I would have started with WordPress for my professional sites.

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8 Responses to WordPress vs. Blogger

  1. star929 says:

    Dear DR.
    After I read this article I feel more clear.At first I am not sure what should we do when we make this blog.

    I think it is just a way to share something about teaching with my friends.And in fact, I always forget to change my artibcle in my wordpress.

    I also try to make a blogger: http://starhappyeveryday.blogspot.com/

  2. Cikgu says:

    well actually it is not just about sharing materials on teaching and learning with your friends but the more learning outcome for the topic is to facilitate and encourage students to make a habit of doing reflections.

    I had gone through your new blog on blogger. if you like you can link it to this blog by adding it to your blogroll.

    One good thing for having the blogger account is that it will make it easy for you to make comments on blogger blogs (one of the earliest platform available and most famous among bloggers).

    This is because, most blogger/blogspot blogs i visit would not allow ananomous to make a comment, some would set so people without blogger account can make a comment with the registration of an email account but many would only allow just those with google/blogger account to make comments (this is the default setup and it remains if the blogger doesn’t change the setting).

    Whatever, it’s good that you try out and test the water. It is not required but it’s a bonus to you for taking the effort to see the difference!


  3. star929 says:

    I already link my new blog in my WP blog. ^ 6 ^

  4. chelsea says:

    Dear Rosseni,

    Thanks for your help..I feel very happy to be your students. As from your help,most problems that I had already worked out. Anyway, thanks a lot…

  5. Rosseni says:

    Chelsea dear,
    It was my pleasure to be able to help. I think all teachers will achieve self-actualization and satisfaction if able to help their student. Thank you for coming to me with your problem thus giving me the chance to help. Keep on striving, i am very impressed with your persistence and perseverence to solve what seems to be unsolvable! Keep up the good work!

  6. Suzie says:

    Dear Cikgu,
    Love to read this article of urs…and thank you for making this thing clearer for me, I mean about the blogging…both platform have their own pros n cons.

    This is just my opinion k…for me, in using the wordpress page, it’s better if the usage are for more serious matter…and for blogspot, I enjoy using it as it is easy to manage and live my enjoyment in blogging. For expert like u it would be rather boring to use blogspot but for novice user like me and other of my friends, it building our interest in starting this blogging world…well, different people have their own different point of view…Anyway, I would like to thank you for assessing also the blogspot as well as the wordpress…have to pen off now and hope u’ll have a wonderful time teaching us…Salam Maulidur Rasul……

  7. Rosseni says:

    Well Suzie, your opinion is very much the same with what i just commented yesterday in one of the SCIENCE-TESL student blog (huhu can’t remember whose, made too many comments between today and yesterday).

    Before venturing into this, i had studied and use a few platforms. I shortlisted 3. Then 2 (B and WP) and at last I chosed WP. I thought Blogger is suitable for personal blog and is very easy to use need not attend a class, just the online help should do it.

    But i did not anticipate that introducing this topic and assignment in the middle of the semester would cause a lot of tension among the students. Well now I know better. If I need to introduce it in very short time i will use blogger.

    Thanks for your insightful comment. Hope there are more to come!

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