How do I upload pictures?

This posting is a direct cut and paste from the FAQ link provided under the category Computer and ICT and edited on the 23rd of June 2008 based on the improved version to upload picture.

Note: Please also read the other posts in this section of the FAQ

Save the post and the image is now in your blog.

Go to Write > Post (or Write > Page). You’ll see the “Add Media” buttons and “Add an Image” is the first one of the bunch.


The Image uploader window opens up after clicking on “Add an Image”.

Select images from your computer by clicking on “Choose Files to Upload” or images already on the web by inputting the URL.



Once your file(s) are uploaded(crunching!), you have some options before inserting into the post.

  • Title
  • Caption
  • Description
  • Link URL
  • Alignment
  • Size


Once the image(s) are inserted in the post, you can continue editing the post, then hit “Publish”.  

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14 Responses to How do I upload pictures?

  1. banana1007 says:

    magic! ^_^
    this is very useful for us~
    and i’m just wondering how to upload pictures into my post~~~
    thank you very much~dear dr!

  2. wyh0507 says:

    it was very interesting~

  3. Cikgu says:

    banana1007 and wyh0507:

    You are very much welcome my dear. It was my pleasure and I am glad it was of some use for you. Keep up the good work and let me know if you need help on other things, ok? If i have the knowledge i will be very glad to share them here! 🙂


  4. star929 says:

    I learn it so I try to do it.

    HaHa~I am successful. Welcome to star’s wordpress to see the picture.

    Thanks for DR.’s teaching!

  5. Cikgu says:

    Dear Star,

    Congratulation for accomplishind to upload pictures just by reading the notes here. I saw your picture in your blog, a bit too casual for a morning assembly but just fine for regular classes and even more suitable for an evening or weekend activities or tuition classes. What’s important is the time and money you spent for the effort is very noble! Salutation for a teacher to be!

    BTW, which school have you been posted to?

    **Important reminder, you still haven’t change your setting to allow comments without approval! Please do so ok**


  6. star929 says:

    I am not sure which school we will go. PKP will choose the school for us.

    Thanks for your reminding I will try to find how to allow comments without approval.

    Waiting for my good news. HaHa~

  7. star929 says:

    I try my best to do that. I am not sure if I do right.

    Please check it.

    If I am still not allow comments without approval. I hope DR. you can teach me!

  8. Cikgu says:

    go to your dashboard, select comments. Then go through the list of comments and click approve at the comments which have not yet been approve. Pls tell eric to do the same. although he has set his blog so comments need not be approve first but i had made a comment before he fix that. So my comment still awaiting approval from him.

  9. hhgg814 says:

    long time not to see you la@_@It is interesting for us. And i already to try it lo. Thanks DR to see.

  10. Cikgu says:

    yes, maybe next monday i’ll see you. Dr. Kamisah ask me if i can take over the class previous Monday. But I had a previous engagement and promise to see you next monday. So please let me know what area/topic would you like me to share with the class monday ya!

  11. smilezj2008 says:

    How do I upload pictures? Just started Idon’t know. then i ask my friend, and friend call me see this pasge.and i alreday to try it. thank you DR.

  12. Rosseni Din says:

    I am glad it helps. So you manage to put your critical thinking at work! Good for you, keep up the good work. Although the course is almost over i think you should maintain the blog. It is the in thing now in education and you’ll get a lot of benefit for a small amount of investment in time and commitment 🙂 By the way, is your blog listed yet on my links?

  13. cindy73583 says:

    Thanks for teaching us so interesting information! and it’s really useful for us…

  14. Cikgu says:

    you are very much welcome cindy, the pleasure was all mine 🙂

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